Friday, February 29, 2008


We got free ticketssss. Word of Advice:Get to know people who know people.=)

I fought with Leena over who was hotter/more charming/sexier (despite the fact that I had no idea what "sexy" really meant at 11yrs old) and we'd buy all their TAPES (yes, remember when life was about Sony walkmans and cassettes??)
How the heck did we carry tapes around? Gosh did we bring like ONE tape to listen to per day did it work? (sorry, I have sidetracked.)

They were still the same la. Still had the cheeky-boy thing going on.
And yet, grown up in a way (with wedding rings on some fingers shining for the unmarried 30yrolds to look gloomily at)
Unfortunately we were so far away, had to resort to zooooming and getting crap quality photos, or snapping at the SCREEN -_-"

Like so.
(but i wanted to show you his t-shirt. quite farnee ma)

This is the one I am always kutuk-ed about for liking then. I stopped liking him after a while, but at this concert, aiyoh they were all so..adorable (for lack of a better word)!!
Like, can just ADORE them, literally.Pet liked the bootyshaking.heheheh i like also. So unpretentious and ..funny.

I was highly amused and entertained.
Word of Advice #2: Girls, please don't bring/force your boyfriends to come for these things laaaa. Not only will you lose girlfriend-points with him, you put him through the torture of watching you be pathetic. Plus, he won't want to be SURROUNDED/SQUISHED by other similarly enthusiastic sCREAMING girls.
See?So unless your boyfriend knows allll the lyrics and wants to sing along...

like so,..Don't bring him.

We will happily shove him around and scream into his ears.Above: The scream-y half of the group
Below: Group pictureeeI enjoyed the night despite it being so packed that you were sharing sweat with everybody else.
I was surprised that Jane came!
and even MORE surprised when she started flirting with the ice cream man!
ooooooooAfter that we, of course, headed to AC. These two sisters are such characters la. look at their faces! hahahhahhaha..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Featuring...Petrina Thong

Why I Love Pet
(godforbid you spell it "PAT";I will clobber you.)

She's fun. She just needs semangat first, sometimes la.
Like the time she became half of the Bus Co. mascot..and how she teaches us the funniest games (only she can remember the rules)....haha, don't ask.She's exceptional because:
She earned NATIONAL BEST RANGER of Malaysia once..
..she does ChubbyBobby like no one else can =Dsee?everybody loves her chubbybobby!
(let me know if you haven't seen it, I'll make arrangements)
...She can dance!and she was considering picking up BASS guitaring (ok so forget the reason why she changed her
I thought she looked really good with the bass, though!(she can play drums, but I think she wants to keep that a secret until she c....oops.)

She's my do-crazy-things-with partner..Like this Genting daytrip that we decided (thru msn) to go on - the next morning.and this Penang holiday that I met her and some friends at (on my way back from Bangkok) which was....well, fun. heehehheehand the time she came with Arielle to Bangkok and we went to Pattaya..
(think "Gacuya", girls..LOL)Our love for music also sparks many awesome trips,
like RozhanRazman's OneNightStand..and the FORCE OF NATURE CONCERT which was The Best Concert We've Ever Gone For!
..where we were a little too close to cheapo Bai Ling..why didn't we see HER, instead, right, Pet?!and we watched Our Boyband perform live for the first time..Pet also is awesome because she somehow knows a lot of local celebs.. heheehehe
Andy a.k.a. DrummerBoy, of EstrangedJustin from AseanaPercussionUnit, whom we almost religiously go to watch during the Sunrise Jazz Fest in Mt.Kiara.
Ashraf Sinclair..and our comedians, The ComeBackKings..hahahThere're so many more reasons to love Pet, doesn't matter if you're hetero or butch, sixteen or confused..(hehehhehehehehehe)Her engaging smile is enough to cause second glances..but we can't put everything about Pet down on ONE post, can we..?
So here's to My Favorite Thong..
may you faster finish your degree and be free of that "vow"..heeeand to end this,
I think Pet's bootiful and TALL, and nothing like how SomePeople have sketched her here..(I couldn't resist, sowwwiiiieeee!!)
*berkelakuan sumbang*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bright Idea subsection 1

I wanna go on a road trip lah.

Ok so that's a cheap alternative to my original little holiday plans.

But still, wouldn't it be fun to just go driving?
Imagine bringing a whole portal of awesome music, wearing your bug-eyed sunnies, sticking your head out as you drive past
clear s p a c e s and the breeze gets you singing along to whatever's playing at the moment.

Then you stop at a random little outlet that looks like it might have something interesting to look at, and discover a shop next to it that has the most delicious things. You make a mental note for future trips to include this little nook.

And then it's the cool evening and you quickly grab wicked shots of the sunset. You step into an airconditioned diner in your flipflops looking like you just had a GreatDay and realize that really, you did.

The bright ideas

I wanted to start singing and dishing out songs when I was 18. I was so pissed when someone asked me what my rush was. Take it slow, you have your whole life ahead.
I trudged through the last bits of Vocabulocity and John Knox (haha, homeschoolers' stuff) but glided smoothly into the freedom of living on my own.

Oh the two years I spent here in Malaysia between 18-19 were enlightening and highly educational, for sure. The bright concept at the back of my mind was to self-educate. I got streetwise. I got back on track with my friends. I got passion!
The passion I had somewhat lost in ChiangRai. Or maybe never had to begin with.

Then I swung into the lifestyle of Bangkok-living! The rush! The she-males! Between major concerts and underground liquid-infused music, I adopted yet another genre of life. My bright idea was to bring back a new Joni who could understand music better. A Joni who could also take you around the city and ensure you tasted the oysters.(haha. oh shush, y'all)

Bright Idea #422 resulted in Shitty Thesis Paper.

And here we are now at Speed 5, still stuck at Level 1. Geez, even my maternal clocks are starting to tick and I haven't even started a career. (no no, do not be alarmed, I am merely being hyperbolic)

I can't wait to kickstart. Maybe this time, I won't need to turn the lights out.
I can't wait to kickstart. Your hand in mine would be nice but even if it's not, I'll be ok.
I can't wait to kickstart. But I'll be honest. I fear.
I can't wait to kickstart. Here comes another Bright Idea.

p.s. much apologies for this verbal-migraine.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

oooooooo i can make sushi!

To distract myself yesterday, I made sushi!
You should have joined in laa..
Bern was free so she came to be my guinea pig, hehe..UNFORTUNATELY my cam is still in repair, so all I have are these two phonecam shots. boo.
Mom: Why got stuff sticking out wan??
Joni: er...erheheh..coz after I rolled that one I realized I didn't put enough stuff inside so...tambah lah. *sheepish grin*What. It was still good!
(ok so the second batch looked better but I didn't bother taking pic)