Saturday, September 29, 2007

Point of No Return.

I find myself on this frightening road.
  1. Specialized Application (302) assignment due 15th Oct. Must first be approved by course coordinator.
  2. Degree Project + Thesis Draft of 12,500words due 30th Nov.
  3. Write & Record 10-12 songs/soundtracks in studio by mid Nov; gather quantitative and qualitative data.
  4. Edit the 10-12 songs to fit musical, by December.
  5. Get proper internship and submit report due 30th Nov.
  6. Prepare final research presentation, go to Bangkok end of Nov for presentation practice.
  7. Edit, proofread, and finalize thesis by mid December.
  8. Work out Outward Productions, officiate.
  9. Get design for musical flier and put together fund proposal.
  10. Propose and gather a milliontrillion dollars in funds.
  11. Locate venue for musical rehearsals. Book venue.
  12. Get more students to teach for supplement income. Sort out teaching/traveling hours to suit internship working hours and thesis writing hours and studio recording hours.
  13. Make sure script-writer and publicist and soon-to-be-recruited crew are up-to-date and functional.

Quote of the Hour

"People don't want to admit it, but it's like we just...

we have these innate set points.

You know, it's like...nothing much that happens to us changes our disposition."

-Celine (Before Sunset)-

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thought of the Day:

You know what I really really wanna do right now at 2:46am?
Write that song.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Because I love Sarah in ways she cannot understand.

What's For Dinner Tonight?
Unicorns Eat Little Children.
My Little Pony

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Does anyone have any idea why my finger tips would suddenly go numb?
First it was my left thumb, twice in about 2weeks.
Now it's my left middle finger. More than a3 days edi.

UPDATE: 4days and counting...

Joni invents recipe. wait, what?

hee. Ok so I attempted what was originally called "Bailey's Truffles"...Tak Jadi.

Because I went to buy ingredients, THEN realized I had no idea how to convert grams into ounces.
and didn't buy enough chocolate. brilliance.

So after realizing that it wasn't gonna happen, I made chocolate cake instead, and layered the Bailey's truffles mix into the cake, and


B a i l e y 's C h o c o l a t e C a k e.
ok so this isn't MY cake, but it's the closest I could find online since i don't have camera

NOTE: Nobody was sent to hospital in the making,baking NOR eating of the aforesaid cake.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The 88th Hat Party

This is my grandpa - Melvin K.M. Matthews, born September 10th 1919We celebrated his EIGHTY-EIGHTH (88TH!) birthday recently, with a theme party.

The theme? HATS!
This is granny and grandpa - they've been married for nearly 60 years! can-you-beat-that.really sorry about the quality - I only have these right now, taken straight from 2 dvd videos. didn't even have a cam in my hands that day =(=(
But I'm sure you wanna see the hats some of them arrived in..Deborah 15, Tammy 13, Andrea 8, Sheila 24(i think), Jordan 10.

No seriously, he's 10.

Here are the Matthews siblings - minus Un.Kim, who couldn't make it.
Un. Kenny, Un. Julian, An. Diana, granny, granpa, Valerene (mom), An.Irene
This is my granny - my grandfather calls her "JANE! Jane ar!"
It's your take as to what race she is - we have no idea. She was adopted by an Indian family.
Any suggestions? It would determine the "chin" in my "chindian"..=DShe's 15 years younger than grandpa. 73, I believe.Pet you see Sheila's Cat In The Hat hat...sial...i WANT oso!

The children got BACK!
Haha..we sang some songs that my mom and her siblings knew to be grandpa's favorite songs - the ones he played over and over again, driving them mad when they were younger.LOL

This was "Puppet On A String" - Sandie Shaw
(as you can see, Un.Julian is voluntarily being the puppet)There were also some rather PG15-rated(in my opinion) lyrics sung that day..
such as..

"If I were an only boy, if I were to marry
I’d rather marry a dentist, than any other lassie

I can drill, and she can drill,
And we can drill together
We’ll be up in the middle of the night
Drilling one another!" goes on to different occupations, eg. teacher,etc..

uh huh.

The Grandchildren aka. The Cousins. (minus Un.Kim's 2 kids).
Jordan, Darren, Priscilla, Deborah, GrannyGranpa, Andrea, Tammy, Joni, Sheila, Darlene
"Joni!!, aiyoh who is this wan ar..VAL! your daughters arr.. dunno who is who now..."

Hardee. Har. Har.For the spoilsports who came with no hats, we made them wear cardboard bands on their head with stuff like "Kill Joy", "Wet Blanket", or "Fat Excuse" on it. as well as anything else we could find in the house.....including these disposable underwears!hehThis is the crazy An.Melanie who turned her "Wet Blanket" band inside-out and changed it to.......Sex Goddess! LOL..then she put it on this cutie's head for a camera shot..tsk tsk..corrupting innocent minds...Anyhoo, Most Creative family of hats goes to the Julian Matthews' family!
They were all decked out in their homemade hats that consisted of..
Un.Julian: HiddenMickey88 hat
Jordan Jay: Beer Mug with foam flowing down and it says "Got Beer?"
Andrea Kay: FlowerFairy Hat with live flowers.
An. Anita: i think it was a parrot hat. lol

A slightly closer look at the Most Creative Hats.Andrea's flowers had semi-wilted by the time she got there, so she walked around with a picture of it in the camera, "THIS is how it looked like! THIS is how it looked like!"But you can't beat Grandpa's HAT! Mom made this cake hat for him, heheheGrandpa and his younger brother, Un. CyrilThis is the eldest sibling, An. Irene who put together most of the party..(I'll have more to mention in another post about her..heh)And with that, may my grandpa be healthy and wealthy for a long long time more..
Darlene, hurry up get married, we need a greatgrandchild SOON ahem. (eldest cousin,heh)


Monday, September 17, 2007

Jody Wong is your dream wife.

This is the beautiful Jody.This is her lucky boyfriend, Jeremy.
and her very willing guineas friends.
Jody is your dream wife because she has the wonderful talent of taking care of people.(but we'll get to that some other time)
She also cooks/bakes/sushi-s. Which is everyman's Criteria #2, I think.
For Sarah's allSam'sfault latebirthday do, she made SUSHIIiiii!
and when I say sushi, I mean S-U-S-H-I.
with caviar.
She was not very happy with how her ice cream cake turned out..but look at it, cmonnn...I COULDN'T MAKE that to save my life.(and all the boys run off at this point)Besides, look at these satisfied sushi faces.I believe everybody needs a Jody in their life.
P.S. Yes, she takes orders for her cookerybakery too. =)
(do i get a cookie for that, odie?)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Many many many pictures up ahead!

Another One Turns 22 while Joni remains 21. muahaha

Yaw turned TWENTY TWOOo today, and we celebrated it last night after Paradise Live. The element of surprise was kinda ruined when he drove past us while we were buying his mini cake. Nevertheless, it was funny.Some semi-serious talk going on on this table for a while..while at the other table...Everybody wanted to try Sidney's red striped jacket..Meet McDonald's new mascot - McYaw!