Monday, April 24, 2006

Your ASSETS might be in here.

I thought, since my head refuses to sort out my gazillion thoughts well enough to blog out, I shall entertain instead. Here. Whose body parts are these? *chuckle*

We'll start with eyes...

This hideous nose belongs to..........

The adorable lips of... [pet,stop chuckling k.]

The OBVIOUS body of....[no, i DO NOT like this type of body,thank's disgusting.]

and i'm gonna get smacked for this, but....ah well. These legs belong to.........

And of course,the females - what u've been looking out for hahahah,don't lie.

The sultry peeps of..


If you know who belongs to these boobies,u and i need to have a lil talk.....

BUT, if you don't know whose body THIS is, you're...painfully alien.[?]

and just a few cute toes belonging to _____ to top it off...

Enjoy guessing.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


1. My uncle once:paid me to cut out gary larson's The Far Side comics and stick it in a book for him.
2. Never in my life have I: watched Titanic. *and the world goes GASP*
3. When I'm nervous:i have the lost look.
4. The last time I cried was:the whole of last week, seemingly.
5. My thoughts:are sometimes overlooked, then reconsidered.
6. When I was 5:i protected my brother like the quills on a porcupine.
7. Last Christmas: i was happily surrounded by the entire foursome.A sweet/mad/crazy/awesome/tragic/funky/luUrRvely reunion.
8. When I turn my head left, I see:a bowl of fake fruit.
9. When I turn my head right, I see:guitar and a bra.
10. When I look down I see:After Eight wrapper. *oops* *crushcrushhide*
11. The craziest recent event was:SONGKRAN at khao sannnn!!
12. I have a hard time understanding:the whys of relationships.
13. One time at a family gathering:i changed the lyrics of Grow Old With You a lil and sang it to my granpa.
14. You know I "like" you if: i dont mind hanging out with you.
15. If you visit my hometown:you'd have to go to the riverside and watch it at night!! it's LOVELY.
16. Where do you plan to visit anytime soon:bali. nannue,wanna come? hahhahah
17. Boys are:great.Men are better.
[although if i dont say so,i'd be in big trouble since im amongst a LOT of them]
18. Today i: thought of a particular night frequently.
19. The world could do without: model standards.
20. Most recent thing you've bought yourself :alot lah...most recenttttt i think would beee....liners. ahahhahahahhahahahhahaha
21. Most recent thing someone else bought you: B.breezer.
22. I need:a laptop with loads of power and a bf.
23. And by the way:i dont NEED a bf. i want one. there's a difference.
24. The person I last talked to told me to:have fun with the song.
25. There's this girl who I: want so badly to corrupt.
26. There is this guy who I:only recently saw a different side and decided it was rather interesting.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A reward in exchange of a better title for this song.

[25th March 2006]
Soft and gentle. Constant, devoted joy.
Tenderly…tenderly we sway
She watches from the shelter of her existence.
She yearns for a chance, she thirsts for what could be what should be
Desires…she desires..

And she asked me how, how does it happen, please?
And she asked me how, how does it feel, this bliss?
And she asked me why, I try and I try I can’t simulate this too,
It’s so hard to do, can’t seem to get through

Sense surreal. The sick sweetness keels me almost to my knees
And I like it.
In her chambers, the sweet sickness keels her almost to her knees
And she hates it.
You’re so terrified of change, yet it’s what you crave
Unlock your confine, come taste this wine
You’re so terrified of change, yet it’s what you crave
Unlock your confine, come taste this wine.

Yesteryears impair your view
Numbness soon became your tune
Bygones drape your hollowed eyes
As you bleed tears, say goodbye

I stole this. But we shall call it "quoting".

I read Bailey's post and can't help but quote. It's so unfortunate. And more and more girls are beginning to realize how true this is.

"The moment you hear that a GUY is an amazing dancer... immediately you will ask or KNOW that he is GAY...WHY is it that STRAIGHT men are so damn boring? They won't dance... won't get involved in anything interesting at all... they just stone around playing Dota & shit... Then all the girls end up falling for gay men... and the straight men get jealous and start insulting the gay men... COME ON! The ratio of women : men is already 2 : 1... and our options are lessening and lessening by the minute."

Can I hear an Amen?