Sunday, July 31, 2005


"Floppies are ancient",they yell at me. Well, ppl, i got news for ya. Floppy drives in KEYBOARDs aren't. Data is put into floppies on lots of keyboards, gimme a break.
The crowd today was incredible. We had been invited to play for the last night of a combined church camp, where it was mostly Presbyterian,as I found out later. Apparently they were under the impression that our band was the best in the district of Chiang Rai. haha. We practiced all of 3hours, I think. But there we were, white tops black slacks, ready to storm the place up. The people,however, took me by surprise. You'd think Presbyterian=quieter. nuh uh. This bunch was LOUD. and active. It was fun, altogether. I haven't had that much fun playing in a band for a loooong time.
Other than that, the plan is to go to bangkok with dad or the whole family next week or the following. Just to get a place to stay, and settle those things first. I will come back up again I think, depending on what accomodation we find for me. If it's someone we sorta know through connections, then I'll go back to bangkok later, if it's some stranger house thingamie, then I'll probably need to move out earlier to figure my way around bangkok myself. My own plan to go there earlier to get myself acquainted with life there doesn't seem to materialize due to certain circumstances.sigh. ah well, we'll just have to wait and see what comes of all this. Seems pretty slowmoving, as is all of Chiang Rai. I have been a-shoppin'.haha. yep, oh and for those who are not aware, joni hardly shops. oh but it's been good!hahaha..
I want to start like a different section on this blog thingie. Like, a place to talk about other stuff. how do i do that,pls?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My cousin Sheila and I on her holiday to Thailand. She left too soon, and with her went the digital camera...sighh. i need/want/crave a digital camera.

Monday, July 25, 2005

to complain?

Not even a week here and I've already been assigned three jobs. To teach piano "voluntarily" [translated free], to teach piano with pay, and to play for seminar in another town.whoa. But so far it sounds alright. I started today with a lady who plays keyboard sometimes for the thai service.And I realized..I've forgotten a lot of Thai vocab. What a horrid revelation. Anyway, I've also gotten myself a Thai line,so my phone is activated again.yay.It's a strange feeling right now,these few I'm holidaying,and yet,not.Like I should be doing something,and yet I know not what. Hey, it's kinda fun talking like this. lol. But whatever it is, I'm sure I'm a-gonna have my fun while I'm here. I do declare. *with flare*

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wasted tears?

It was my fault,really. I should have known better than to just leave my precious disk in harm's way. Yeah, you know I compose songs, right? Well, I record some of my music into my keyboard which is then saved into a floppy. And I suppose somewhere during the travelling here, something hit and squished the metal part of that floppy with the most songs. I cried so hard when I saw it. You don't understand. This floppy had about 30 compositions in it, and some of the songs had required a lot of effort. I can't just re-record it when I want to. I think what made it worse, though, is the fact that this wasn't the first time I'd lost my music data. Last camp, somehow the disk I had been recording on then, got lost. I realized the fact only after we'd got back. Anyway, later in the evening, Kay came over [thai friend,for those who just went "who??"] and he said all was not lost. He fixed the problem easily. I could have just kissed him. aeheakeaakehkehkae...I always say you learn a new thing everyday. Well, today's lesson was almost too painful, and I'm grateful it ended in my favor. The Big Boss Upstairs was kind.

On a different tone, I've been hearing about the many things you can do in blogspot and I like what I hear. But so far, I'm still blog-illiterate. To those who read me, hang in there,yeah..I shall figure this out and make it happen.As soon as my schedule takes a stroll. You CAN, in the meantime, help by showing me the hows and suggesting the whats. I thank you in what do you think about the box that shows you how many people have visited the site?any good?what are the cons?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

3 days and a sleepless child

First we went to the thai-myanmar border. The attraction for me on the Myanmar side is basically the quality pirated discs. I mean, these people go through LENGTHS to get cds to look real! Leaflet,lyrics,cover and all. It's awesome. And all that work for the same price as what we get them for back home. You know, when I get something of m'sian piracy quality, it's no more than RM2, I kid you not. ANYWAY, amongst others, we've gone to the elephant farm [where the stench could replace ammonia anytime], and the Golden Triangle [whoopeedoo] , and oh,we visited the Palong LongNeck tribe. I didn't like that at all. It felt totally wrong and inconsiderate. What you do is you pay THB150, to see a bunch of people. How sick is this world getting. I felt awful when we got to the longnecked girls. It's plain.....i don't even know the word for just DON'T pay to watch people!! I'm glad Matt feels the same way. Matthew John. What a relief to discover him. It made being in this small town just that bit better. Description, I hear you beg. Hahaha.. sorry,Matt, I have to :D I'll keep it simple. Realistic,bold,entertaining,charming. All very flattering,eh Matt. And to think I'd assumed my days in 'silly little Chiang Rai' would pass uneventfully. Oh, the joy on my face when I was told Veronica would be here too! Veronica. Thai-Italian,perky,sanguine-to-the-core. I met her a coupla years back and we had one BLAST of a month,didn't we? What with swimsuits flying off and the tanning planning. Lol.
So am I doing good? oh YEAH. I'm good.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I have arrived.

Natalie's 'Going Crazy' playing in the background has nothing to do with what I feel, but somehow its melody and tone is making me feel melancholic. I left my Malaysia 17th July and have just arrived in Chiang Rai, Thailand today at 1.30am. Travelling was madness, no wait, JONI's stuff was madness. I carried 6 bags. All the way,yup,SIX. And they weren't exactly lightweight or small. But anyway, here I am. I was in Bangkok earlier this afternoon, and that's when it finally hit me. I'm gonna live in this town alone for the next ten months. The thought was scary, for sure. I don't know anyone there. I don't know my way around. And in these scenarios, being female is dangerous. But then another part of me takes a deep breath and tells me I'll be fine. I mean, hey, I survived two years alone in Malaysia, right?Yeah, I knew a lotta ppl there to help if ever the need arose, but I had to learn a lot of routes and yada yada,right? So, yeah. I'll calm down and focus on the fact that I will be okay.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I laughed. a lot. The two of them were at it again, and as usual I was in stitches. There's something about Zac and Joash that I really appreciate. Maybe it's the way they click, no matter the tangles. They drag me back to Ladidaland so easily. So yeah, I did have loads of fun, even if at a mamak. Like I always say, in the end it's actually the company that's important to me. We could sit in the middle of a field for all I care. wow I haven't laughed like I did tonite in YONKS. It was so refreshing. Thanks again you two.

So here I am - blogging. Or at least I think I am. Haven't quite grasped the idea of it all. I suppose I shall journalize my life in Thailand when I'm there, because I do want to remember. As for now, I have approximately two days left here. I wanted to fill them up to the brim with memories. I love good memories. They are what I thrive on some days. *nostalgic smile*