Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I have arrived.

Natalie's 'Going Crazy' playing in the background has nothing to do with what I feel, but somehow its melody and tone is making me feel melancholic. I left my Malaysia 17th July and have just arrived in Chiang Rai, Thailand today at 1.30am. Travelling was madness, no wait, JONI's stuff was madness. I carried 6 bags. All the way,yup,SIX. And they weren't exactly lightweight or small. But anyway, here I am. I was in Bangkok earlier this afternoon, and that's when it finally hit me. I'm gonna live in this town alone for the next ten months. The thought was scary, for sure. I don't know anyone there. I don't know my way around. And in these scenarios, being female is dangerous. But then another part of me takes a deep breath and tells me I'll be fine. I mean, hey, I survived two years alone in Malaysia, right?Yeah, I knew a lotta ppl there to help if ever the need arose, but I had to learn a lot of routes and yada yada,right? So, yeah. I'll calm down and focus on the fact that I will be okay.


KwazEe V3e said...

u WILL be okay..

cheneille said...



KwazEe V3e said...

i duno how u can hold all 6 of them.. but.. hahaha.. im imagining u wif hands..