Saturday, November 25, 2006

Breakthru2 '06 Dance

This dance, choreographed by Eunice,me,Darren,Sidney, was done in less than a week. The two sections weren't even practiced together until the last practice we had. So I'm glad it turned out okay with minimal mistakes. Don't you think? [you BETTER!]heh

And the biological clocks ticks on..

I loved working at Rainbow Montessori. It was eye-opening, tiring, fun, full of saliva and sweat and tears, mad running around and pure laughter. The kids were mostly ADORABLE. Of course, they were also maddening at times, but still, the cute side always showed up just in time before I opened hell's doors on them. heehee. How can you not love THIS!
Nadine, quite a sweet child. Mostly, she'd bounce into school early and sing her own songs with her fellow pal Chuan Jun [no pic available]. They'd dance around ladeeladeedaa all over school, kinda like an officiation [?] for the day, before the others came.

These three are friends when they want to be. Hao Jie [on the left] is generally an independent kid, who occasionally tells you a longwinded story about nothing in particular, to which you nod and smile politely. Imran, is very quiet but he comes for Show&Tell day with interesting things and a speech prepared. Daniel [right] is the kid who watches too many soap operas. He was the first kid to kiss me on the lips. It was very random. *blink*This is Arman. At first, I thought he was quite a terror. Running allllll overrr the plaaace, pakat-ing with whoever was willing to do 'naughty things'. But then I realized he had a toddler's mind, and needed to be sayang-ed. After that, we became friends and he was manageable. heh. He really is a nice boy, he just gets restless.

Qiao Yu. Another sweetheart. She's the one who probably plays mommy/daughter at home. She'd make a good mommy. lol.
Marcus would come to school with his daddy. Sometimes he'd cry and want to follow daddy. Sometimes he'd say hello to a teacher and bye daddy. He loved Isaac in a squeeze-you-really-hard way.

This lil cutie, most of you recognize him by now, hahahahaha. ISAAC!!! the darlingest thing ever. This is the face he gave me when I asked him to smile at the camera, everytime!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I keep telling myself I must change. It’s getting so old. If I’m so desperate to set things right, why hasn’t much changed? How can I possibly talk about your dust & dirt while my cobwebs are all over the place too? These past few months I’ve realized that yes, I was very hurt and affected by the incidents that caused me to despise a majority of Christians. And yes, while I still believe I have my rights in feeling that way, I’ve also realized that I haven’t done enough to set my Christianity right. Sure, I may have told you that I “understand where so&so was coming from and did this or that so she wouldn’t be turned off from Christians herself”, but now I see, what was the use in that? Wasn’t it just an impression of the truth, not the real thing? I wasn’t living the impression I was giving. Why on earth am I walking this way and that way, this way and that when I know for a fact that it makes me a part of the problem?!

A number of occasions in these few months past, have made me really think. Have put me on the spot. Have caught me red-handed bloody-handed spillage-on-the-floor. I may be dabbling with a very dangerous thing. I’m teetering on a very high edge, aren’t I? The last incident was last Saturday. When I told S about a part of me I’d conveniently left out. She didn’t say much. It was just a half-second look that killed me. It messed me up this bad. Thanks, S. Now it’s a little clearer – this edge I’m overlooking. I don’t like what I see. And I’ve been around long enough to know that if I wait longer, my warning signs are gonna get drastic. I don’t wanna wait for that moment, THEN panic and turn around. Why can’t the moment be now, now that I see it clearer, now that You’re tugging harder, now that I feel emptier? Maybe that’s why I’m not professionally at the level I want to/should be at by now. No wait. MAYBE?! Of COURSE that’s why!

Time to move out of this Hollywood, woman. Quickly, before you’re Nipped/Tucked.

I don’t know how to get rid of the anger/hurt/frustration. I could be so much more. I want to be so much more. Now my real test begins, doesn’t it? At a very difficult level – Level 7, Speed 5. 1 life to go. Press Start to begin. Now what are you gonna do, Joanna Lynne Nagaratnam?

I'm off, will you miss me?

Well, here I am blogging at 5:02am. I leave for the bus station in 42mins. I feel sleepy.

I can't believe it's been pretty much FIVE months that I've been back here.

How did that happen so quickly?! No WONDER I feel so strangely attached to Malaysia again.

I will miss Bernice and Eunice. And ALL THE GRACE USJ KIDS. [alahh,dont lah terasa i call u kids, senang untuk i je lah]*puts on best rempit voice*

My OMGsarah, Petrina Thong, ArielleTaiImSoProudOfUForBeingBrave. I love you three, with most of my heart. EVEN IF sometimes things dont click well. love me too?

I will miss the randomities like zac joash nelvie kristy chern paultantk and wid.

I will miss you.


i WOULD link all names mentioned above, but im so sleepy and im leaving

Here's to the past five months.

Bangkok, here I come again.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

oh dear dear me, Paultantk. i think i have gotten carried away with photoshop.look at the time.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I like Sharon. She is one power chick. She's from KUCHING,my homietown *wannabe pose*. A lot of times, she speaks and my mind says, "wah. one day really soon,this chick is gonna bring the house DOWN!" You go, SHARONNNNNNN!*liCk*

I love my cousins, they are just BABElicious! LOOK AT THEM! We should've had more outings this time 'round, gotta come to bangkok sometime,promise me!! LOVE u! be continued.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006