Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This shall be in white font for Nelvie's sake.

Can you believe it got stolen?? I mean, the whole reason I never changed my Nokia 3315 [!!] is so that it would not get stolen since it IS terribly ancient and boring. Besides, I actually liked it too! The buttons were nice to use. Lol. But NOOooo, apparently someone thought it would be cool to take it away and cause me temporary hysteria. ANYWAY, to cut this short, my aunt gave me her old mobile AND a new simcard. It's...errr...I don't know what model, but it is definitely not as old as my 3315, haha. *blink* Sarah can't make it to Bangkok.I can't imagine how potong it must be for her! It's okay my darling, you come in June, kay? And we shall have a blast then! [especially since i'll probably know more ECB ppl by then] So since she can't come, and south Thailand is flooding, I am taking her place in the flight to Bangkok on 3rd Jan,instead of the original plan to get back before NewYear's. Which is good. Yay! *happy happy joy joy* [haha,picked that up from Eirene, who, btw sarah, I think I saw at Acts' Christmas play on Sunday but wasn't sure]. Can't wait to put all our pics in here!hehehe. Blessed Christmas and New Year, y'all. I have lots to fix and start and restart this 2006. It's gonna be a great year. *breathe*

Saturday, December 10, 2005

This, my friends, is my one and only lecturer Max Petersen. He's Danish. He plays/played saxophone,clarinet,keyboards, and who knows what else. He teaches Audio Engineering. He has an electronic music album thingie "Phithorsn - Airflow".http://www.subliminaltapeclub.com/music/artist/Phithorsn. He's part of a electronic music duo called Simplex.http://www.subliminaltapeclub.com/music/artist/Simplex. He used to be in a band Fairytale Abuse. Which is really still a piece of info that bewilders me coz....coz....well...he's so...NOT death metal-ly! I still find it hard to picture..haha..but yeah. He's cool. I'm glad to be under his instruction. Once, a bunch of us in the class were just talking and we all agreed that we really ARE in good hands with Max. While watching Simplex play at the Fat Festival, Noah and I were like "We are sooo lucky, we have this dude as a TEACHER, all these fans of his are just fans, we're his STUDENTs, man"...and it's true. As soon as Max got onstage, the whole room filled up and was packed. He's known. I'm so proud. *chuckle* Whoa. Some major promotion going on here,eh? Lol.. Ok, moving on. [If the pictures load obediently, that is]

Ah. This is Simplex. As you can see, the poser on the right, is Nannue, the other half. He's Thai. He's also a lecturer here, but he teaches Electronic Music Production. Oh yeah, he also...*ahem* ..is/was a model. hehehehe. I'm not sure whether he still is, but that's what I heard. He's...an interesting person. Hahaha.

OK, so let's see some of the classmates, yeah? I know y'all been waiting on this...akehakahekehkeahek...'specially the foursome. Here goes.

Fahmi's Malaysian, yes. But he was an exchange student in Mexico once, so he can speak Spanish, which is pretty cool, if u ask me.

Captain Nayos has been named so because of his party habits, to put it plainly. hehe. He drums but I haven't heard him, yet.

Mario's American. He plays guitar TOO WELL. :) Oh, and he cooks. Guys who cook always get an extra two points from me. Lol.

Eddie is British. He's good at the practical stuff in class.

Shemaiah's also American. He seems to be Uhu-glued to his phone, like us KL kids. :p

Khyle is...... well,he's just...Khyle. I lack the appropriate adjectives right now.

Ed is Dutch. He has a lot to say. 'Nuff said? :D Sahan is SriLankan. Micah is Singaporean-Philipino. He teaches Sunday school :)

Noah is British-Thai. He plays jazz piano that would make Arielle's eyes visible. Lol. [no offence,doll..*muak*]


this is pretty much most of the class. The other two who ponteng, too bad lah. And my other pics aren't loading. Either my blogging skills are still crap, OR [as I'd like to believe], blogspot sucks. haha. Tell me the latter is true.

Friday, December 09, 2005

SO (what's it gonna be?)
[2 OCT 2001]
So, what's it gonna be this time
Did your dog just die, or the clock didn't chime
Or is it that you just ran out of time?
So, you're just another painted face
with an extra copy of it - just in case
You're going through that partial living dead phase
I'm sick and tired of waiting for you
I'm ready to throw my hands up
Look at you and say I give up
So, is this how it's ending?
Yeah, I need you to be leaving
Don't look at me and say you're sorry
I don't want no apology, no
Will you ever learn to keep things real
Or will you stay in elementary and never sit still?
Are you aware there's so much more?
When you give another lame excuse
You just prove my point and there's nothing left to say
After all this ___ did you really think I'd stay?
No more hoping, no more trying
The sun'll shine, tomorrow's comin'
No more waiting, no more crying
Open window, burst of light shine through.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Lady herself, with Susan and Paul whom I stay with. She gave me a book after I sang the song to her. It has her face on the cover and is in Thai so I dunno what I'm supposed to do with it. haha.

The scary bunch I had to sing to. Aren't they so uncle-auntie.

And this is Shemaiah, my classmate, who came to help with the sound system, only to discover that it was crappy. Ah well.

The president of Aglow, Susan, and I. She's the best.