Friday, December 09, 2005

SO (what's it gonna be?)
[2 OCT 2001]
So, what's it gonna be this time
Did your dog just die, or the clock didn't chime
Or is it that you just ran out of time?
So, you're just another painted face
with an extra copy of it - just in case
You're going through that partial living dead phase
I'm sick and tired of waiting for you
I'm ready to throw my hands up
Look at you and say I give up
So, is this how it's ending?
Yeah, I need you to be leaving
Don't look at me and say you're sorry
I don't want no apology, no
Will you ever learn to keep things real
Or will you stay in elementary and never sit still?
Are you aware there's so much more?
When you give another lame excuse
You just prove my point and there's nothing left to say
After all this ___ did you really think I'd stay?
No more hoping, no more trying
The sun'll shine, tomorrow's comin'
No more waiting, no more crying
Open window, burst of light shine through.

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*jonified* said...

stupid thing isn't putting my spaces between the verses.all meshed up together.pah.