Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Can we really attribute our tribulation on where we are geographically?
I think maybe the answer might be yes, after all. If we bend under the pressure.

I'm at a lost for the right words for so many things these days.
I think it's best I just smile and shut my trap.

"Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.
Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs"
-Imogen Heap


Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a nice Saturday.

First I went for my church's (oh how nice, can say "my church" once again) first women's gathering of the year. Hey, I had a good time okay!

It was held at Monte's, Pyramid - we had the whole place to ourselves.

The salmon was yummy=)see? yum yummmm faces.haha. Bus Company was the performing band,
(but they went acoustic this time, minus Larry and Darren)
They had to sit OUTSIDE with the other boys. Nyek.Then Ps. Jemima showed us her jigsawpuzzle artwork while speaking to Claudine..
(if you check real quick, the video might still be on facebook, hee)
(we had a few babies in the house..this one was entertained with the yellow paper napkins, as you can see...)Ok collage-time!

Then the boys wanted to check themselves out in their homemade video..(and re-feed themselves)
And that was lunch.

Then we went to GTPJ for their Easter play "Broken".
As usual Joni sesat, the only one who likes to watch plays and musicals. ah well. I'm glad I went (again), coz it was good.

The script was well-written. I liked how they jumped from past to present without confusing us all.
They even had a shootingshooting scene.. hehe
Ok I was a bit caught-up, so I didn't get many shots..erheh.

Oh this is the emo-don't-walk-out-the-door part. Not bad at all. and I liked that the wife was right.

For me, I didn't expect this part lor. I mean, only halfway through this scene I was like "oh ya hor..easter drama.."
WHICH IS A GooD THING coz it means I wasn't thinking "oh no, yet another one of THOSE"But even this one was pulled off well. (I think it was the costumes la)

This part a bit more typical la, but by this time I was already satisfied by what I'd seen (and heard *cough cough*), so I didn't mind.I wanted to go snap picture when the whole cast/crew were posing, but shy la..
John sang solo (and yes he has a nice voice)
Levi was The Devil.
Sam was ..standing around when I aimed the camera.Miss G: Do you have a blog?
Joni: Yup
Miss G: Ok this does NOT go on your blog, okay??
Joni: Okay.*uncrosses fingers*

More pics HERE in case you wanna look for your face.

And that was my Saturday.=)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I think Tasha

should be put to sleep at earlier hours
to keep Joni safe,
and Jenny sane.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rewind back to Sunburst

Ok, so I forgot I wanted to post these three up.
The first is really cute!! It's the three dancing brass players from Incognito.
Go see their dance steps!

Then the 2nd is a short clip of John Legend singing Ordinary People. Just so you can hear how awesome he is Live.

The THIRD VIDEO, is the part where that FAT indiAN LADY GOT to SLOW DANCE WITH HIM. babisial. He went down on her somemoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee *WHINEEEE*

dammit, lady. I woulda done way more than that.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Raul Midon is not only freaking talented, he is one GUTSY fella. SALUTE!Pet and Hairvl (who took fishy pictures with MY camera without my knowledge-_-")Shaunnnnnn aiyooo *rubs cheeks in palms*
The lighting here so niceeeee
hahah, Another wet picture with Lydia Kwan XD
(at least it isn't sweat this time la)I love this shot!
Three Botakheads.
Levi, Hairvl (both of whom couldn't get Tuborg for different reasons ahahahah) and childhood-friend Bryan.

Petrina Got Incubus' Drumstick, Levi camwhored with John Legend, and all I got was this soggy infection.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Snaps from the Bus Co. Mini Tour

Please do not steal Jeanette's pictures.
I mean it.So let's jump straight to the main points.
FREE TO FALL drove the crowd wild. I mean,W.I.L.D.!!
Look at all the fansss who wanted to take pikchurrrs with them!
Bus Co. had their fair share of fan-pictures too, as usual..Once again, Eunice played the lead role in "This Love" (a.k.a. "Rizuan")
I missed it though, coz I was backstage..
The J.U.M.P. dancers minus a few members.
Che Siong LITERALLY ran from his car to the stage!

The lady behind the event - Amelia Tan of Starmaker.
"Handsome boy" who can now stand up for himself. *gives proud pat on back*
He can almost do his own hair too!

I played a small redundant role as The Bride Who Is Shopping in the musical. hahahahhhahahahahhaah
I had to act "sweet". NOT funny, okay.

This is me with the mic not put properly because it wasn't passed to me in time.

This is my "fiance".(too bad I'd changed out of the "bride" baju by this time)

weee! haha, gene, wth la?
After some drama and the usual who-are-we-waiting-for hour, we went for Satay Celup.
I didn't like it.
some of my pictures are missing. (i blame darren!)
coz i took shots at the durian cendol shop too!!
moving on.

No one had to tell me Cheryl is Julian's sister. She's such a xerox-copy of him!=D
oh and Mike Vinod came! gosh haven't seen him in yonks! (arie are u reading?hee)And who would have thoughhht.. Jane Chong with the doe-eyes ROCKED that stage, baby!
I loved her "ccrrrushhhh...cruuusshhh...crrushhhhh"=)

So that was Malacca.
Youtube has videos of some of the performances. I haven't loaded all of mine yet, though.

Moving on to the Penang, where Bus Co. started the crowd going with the "head-to-nose" game.
Here's head-to-head and some pretty smiles..
Then they rocked it out.(duh)
Quite cool la.

Handsome boy caught posing.

We were a little bummed about not being able to eat PENANG FOOD thanks to the voting results and the stay-indoors instruction.

Oh ya, Ms. Joanna Tan here was the photographer-made-dancer.(She danced for my song, which was used as the Opening Act.)chewahhh

SarahJoy: See? we're not groupies okay..we're the Lyrics girl, photographer/dancer, and opening act!

JoannaTan&Joni: YA.

So there.(These two pics + MikeVinod one from SJ)

To sum it up, the road trip was exhausting but I loved it because..well, I WANTED a road trip mah..

It was ..great being squished in the Avanza-turned-cybercafe..

It was awesome driving through the rain (with the hotpink Wira nearby..haha)


JT: I just need some space from you for a while, Sam..
Sam: Ok. But you forgive me, right? We'll shake on it and see..?I'm giving you some space!