Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a nice Saturday.

First I went for my church's (oh how nice, can say "my church" once again) first women's gathering of the year. Hey, I had a good time okay!

It was held at Monte's, Pyramid - we had the whole place to ourselves.

The salmon was yummy=)see? yum yummmm faces.haha. Bus Company was the performing band,
(but they went acoustic this time, minus Larry and Darren)
They had to sit OUTSIDE with the other boys. Nyek.Then Ps. Jemima showed us her jigsawpuzzle artwork while speaking to Claudine..
(if you check real quick, the video might still be on facebook, hee)
(we had a few babies in the house..this one was entertained with the yellow paper napkins, as you can see...)Ok collage-time!

Then the boys wanted to check themselves out in their homemade video..(and re-feed themselves)
And that was lunch.

Then we went to GTPJ for their Easter play "Broken".
As usual Joni sesat, the only one who likes to watch plays and musicals. ah well. I'm glad I went (again), coz it was good.

The script was well-written. I liked how they jumped from past to present without confusing us all.
They even had a shootingshooting scene.. hehe
Ok I was a bit caught-up, so I didn't get many shots..erheh.

Oh this is the emo-don't-walk-out-the-door part. Not bad at all. and I liked that the wife was right.

For me, I didn't expect this part lor. I mean, only halfway through this scene I was like "oh ya hor..easter drama.."
WHICH IS A GooD THING coz it means I wasn't thinking "oh no, yet another one of THOSE"But even this one was pulled off well. (I think it was the costumes la)

This part a bit more typical la, but by this time I was already satisfied by what I'd seen (and heard *cough cough*), so I didn't mind.I wanted to go snap picture when the whole cast/crew were posing, but shy la..
John sang solo (and yes he has a nice voice)
Levi was The Devil.
Sam was ..standing around when I aimed the camera.Miss G: Do you have a blog?
Joni: Yup
Miss G: Ok this does NOT go on your blog, okay??
Joni: Okay.*uncrosses fingers*

More pics HERE in case you wanna look for your face.

And that was my Saturday.=)


PEtriNa said...

But Miss G looks so sweet.

Levi as The Devil. ha ha.

joni lynne said...

ya she IS sweetish.she came for sunburst la..but u probably don't remember.

Actually there was a choreographed scene where The Devil was convincingly menacing.
I quote, "My nephew cried, okay.."

grace said...


yerrrrrrrrrrrrrr. you old woman.
hahahahhaha. :P i didn't know we took 5 shots. i like the last one. the sit terbalik shot. :P

joni lynne said...

HAAHHAHHAHHHHAHA helluu graceeee=) u funny girl