Friday, March 14, 2008

Snaps from the Bus Co. Mini Tour

Please do not steal Jeanette's pictures.
I mean it.So let's jump straight to the main points.
FREE TO FALL drove the crowd wild. I mean,W.I.L.D.!!
Look at all the fansss who wanted to take pikchurrrs with them!
Bus Co. had their fair share of fan-pictures too, as usual..Once again, Eunice played the lead role in "This Love" (a.k.a. "Rizuan")
I missed it though, coz I was backstage..
The J.U.M.P. dancers minus a few members.
Che Siong LITERALLY ran from his car to the stage!

The lady behind the event - Amelia Tan of Starmaker.
"Handsome boy" who can now stand up for himself. *gives proud pat on back*
He can almost do his own hair too!

I played a small redundant role as The Bride Who Is Shopping in the musical. hahahahhhahahahahhaah
I had to act "sweet". NOT funny, okay.

This is me with the mic not put properly because it wasn't passed to me in time.

This is my "fiance".(too bad I'd changed out of the "bride" baju by this time)

weee! haha, gene, wth la?
After some drama and the usual who-are-we-waiting-for hour, we went for Satay Celup.
I didn't like it.
some of my pictures are missing. (i blame darren!)
coz i took shots at the durian cendol shop too!!
moving on.

No one had to tell me Cheryl is Julian's sister. She's such a xerox-copy of him!=D
oh and Mike Vinod came! gosh haven't seen him in yonks! (arie are u reading?hee)And who would have thoughhht.. Jane Chong with the doe-eyes ROCKED that stage, baby!
I loved her "ccrrrushhhh...cruuusshhh...crrushhhhh"=)

So that was Malacca.
Youtube has videos of some of the performances. I haven't loaded all of mine yet, though.

Moving on to the Penang, where Bus Co. started the crowd going with the "head-to-nose" game.
Here's head-to-head and some pretty smiles..
Then they rocked it out.(duh)
Quite cool la.

Handsome boy caught posing.

We were a little bummed about not being able to eat PENANG FOOD thanks to the voting results and the stay-indoors instruction.

Oh ya, Ms. Joanna Tan here was the photographer-made-dancer.(She danced for my song, which was used as the Opening Act.)chewahhh

SarahJoy: See? we're not groupies okay..we're the Lyrics girl, photographer/dancer, and opening act!

JoannaTan&Joni: YA.

So there.(These two pics + MikeVinod one from SJ)

To sum it up, the road trip was exhausting but I loved it because..well, I WANTED a road trip mah..

It was ..great being squished in the Avanza-turned-cybercafe..

It was awesome driving through the rain (with the hotpink Wira nearby..haha)


JT: I just need some space from you for a while, Sam..
Sam: Ok. But you forgive me, right? We'll shake on it and see..?I'm giving you some space!



joanNa*::.. said...

Joni.. u took the pics i thought no one took. and i thank u for it :) kodak moments..

haha and for the last one. lets keep that an "inside joke/secret" :)
i had no idea u took a pic. but it's a definite classic

i miss u guys.. it was defo worthwhile.. one tht goes down in ''his/her-story''

love! and here's to us 'the entourage groupies' haha

Liagiba-Abigail said...

Hi Jony! That's me! the pix that you posted up in this post..i'm the one in blue shirt and my friend, patricia in white! whow...that's the consequences of standing at the front line..get captured by you! ahha

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