Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bright Idea subsection 1

I wanna go on a road trip lah.

Ok so that's a cheap alternative to my original little holiday plans.

But still, wouldn't it be fun to just go driving?
Imagine bringing a whole portal of awesome music, wearing your bug-eyed sunnies, sticking your head out as you drive past
clear s p a c e s and the breeze gets you singing along to whatever's playing at the moment.

Then you stop at a random little outlet that looks like it might have something interesting to look at, and discover a shop next to it that has the most delicious things. You make a mental note for future trips to include this little nook.

And then it's the cool evening and you quickly grab wicked shots of the sunset. You step into an airconditioned diner in your flipflops looking like you just had a GreatDay and realize that really, you did.

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