Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ministry of Bounce

or "yyyyyyeeeaaa. So I've been having pretty random dreams 2."

This time, I'm with a friend (female, but that's all I remember now) and we're just chatting and babysitting a roomful of little kids. We're passing out helium balloons to them to play with.
It's indoors, and suddenly a lightweight little girl starts to float up to the ceiling with her helium balloon.

I quickly tell her to hold her breath and she starts floating back down. Then in her excitement, she squeals,breathing in at the same time and floats back up.

This leads to a big *lightbulb* moment in my head. I excitedly discuss what's on my mind to my friend and we decide, We Are Going To Make This A Plaything For Kids.

The next scene is us outside this massive Room construction in the middle of an outdoor playground. The inner walls/floor of the room are padded and look really comfortable, there's a little door to one side. It's almost like a square room with rounded edges. Inside, are a few little kids excitedly flying around the room with helium balloons strapped to their clothes and a little gadget for them to float higher or lower. Some are touching the high ceiling and calling out to their mommies "LOOKKKK!!! LOOKKKKKKK, MOMMMMMMYYYY, LOOOKKKK"

(hee, awwww)

And there we are right outside, fixing the gadgets and balloons to more little kids for free. We look uber happy to be doing this. Patent pending already. hahahah.

Next scene. We're walking away from the outdoor-indoor room towards some kinda Chatuchak-ish market (oh, we're in a really nice autumn-y city, btw) and randomly talking to passersby about our new playground addition. We go right into a waterpark and talk to parents there about it too, telling them that we knew their lil' ones would be tired after the waterpark, but they can always bring them tomorrow. And the parents sound excited too. We also tell them it's going to be free until the patent is approved, then we'll just charge kids 50c or something. =D

*this dream happened either a day or two after the previous strange dream i posted up, but i've kept it in my drafts and forgotten about it til now