Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quote of Last Week:

"Zoe, do you think God can rap?"
-Jochebed J.-

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is the CAMP POST.

Event: Sarah's way of celebrating her 21st.
Location: Sg. Chamang, Pahang

Campers: Sarah Lim, Petrina, Joni, Shaun X., Sam Oh
Number of Noobs: One (Clue: Ultimate Rockstar)

Number of other campers around: None.
Number of security guards/policemen: None.

Ok so this is Shaun upon being caught mouthing a Backstreet Boys song - AFTER SHAKING HIS HEAD AT THE REST OF US for singing along.

And this is Shaun "not knowing what's in the sandwich" in order to "stick to his meat fast".

Two hours of driving and here we are!

Point 1. Pick your campers wisely to ensure happy times.
1.1. Make sure there's at least one Noob for extra laughs.
2. Agree to race the tent-setup with the noob.
2.1. Watch as he wonders what each piece is for.
2.2. Try to explain it to him.
2.3. Help the poor guy lah

3. Make sure you have Shelter. It comes in handy in rainy weather.

...and gives a nice sense of "home"..
4. Play water

4.1. Make sure you have life-saving rope. You never know .

4.2. Know how to tie a french bowline with your rope.
It's useful in strong currents.

5. Allow more than 5 secs on your camera timer for yourself because you need time to jump back in the water, pause as you wince in pain about your foot landing on rocks, wade back to the group and smile.
and 5 secs is not enough.

6. Make do when the public toilets are locked.

7. As you start marinating your dinner at about 5pm....,

7.1....appoint another camper to start the fire.

7.2. Preferably the camper who was National Best Ranger of Malaysia once.

7.3. Get the noob to try to build another fire.

Blow that babehh!
Intermission: Admire your campsite.=)

8. Cook your dinner.
Honey chicken is the bomb.
But make sure you wait til it's just hot coals without flames to avoid your poor chicken catching fire.

8.1. Cook rice.

8.2. Make the noob jaga the rice.

9. EAT!!!!Intermission: Yes, dinner was freaking yummy!!!!

9. Get your fire to burnnnn, baby, burnnn! Coz you'll be making smores soon after.

Smores: Melted marshmallows on melting chocolate on crackers= 3rd heaven.

10. Let the games' coordinator take over after dinner.

Intermission: First aid kit is a MUST MUST, because unknown injuries DO occur.

Back to games.

remainder of night-time events has been omitted as
a. the photographer got lazy
b. it began to rain
c. there was a rush into the noob tent to shelter from the heavy rain.
(yes, the tent leaked because setup wasn't properly monitored, and we all got wet)
(yes the girls' tent was found to be dry)

11. The next morning, after washing everything up, load your van up again.
12. Visit your fellow camper's parents' comfy resorty home nearby.

haha. failed post lah. i too lazy.

Summary: it was an awesome holiday, despite my awful cold. I really enjoyed the time off,
im grateful that we had such a sporting bunch, everybody pitched in to help, no one complained (minus wet tent), and i only feel bad that i couldn't help sarah wash up everything in the van upon arriving back in PJ coz I had to go straight to work.
But it was fun.

and Sam, you the man!!

Coming Soon - How to REALLY camp.=)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gramps turns 89, EIGHTY-NINE! (updated)

This is my gramps. He turned 89 this Sept 10th!

I love him because:

a. he's so up-to-date
b. he makes hilarious jokes
c. he IS the newspaper (he gives us a rundown on what's happening on earth as we arrive at his doorstep!)
d. he proved that you CAN quit smoking just-like-that even after decades and decades in the habit.
e. he has been with my granma for nearly 60 years.(next year is the 60th, i think!!!)He's been getting weaker this past year, and we've watched him lose so much weight and shrink down from what he used to be - my tall strong Ceylonese-Dutch granpa.
He has survived war, (arranged) marriage, six kids, heart attack and 11 grandkids!
I pray that he'll have God's peace everyday for the rest of his life.