Monday, September 15, 2008

Gramps turns 89, EIGHTY-NINE! (updated)

This is my gramps. He turned 89 this Sept 10th!

I love him because:

a. he's so up-to-date
b. he makes hilarious jokes
c. he IS the newspaper (he gives us a rundown on what's happening on earth as we arrive at his doorstep!)
d. he proved that you CAN quit smoking just-like-that even after decades and decades in the habit.
e. he has been with my granma for nearly 60 years.(next year is the 60th, i think!!!)He's been getting weaker this past year, and we've watched him lose so much weight and shrink down from what he used to be - my tall strong Ceylonese-Dutch granpa.
He has survived war, (arranged) marriage, six kids, heart attack and 11 grandkids!
I pray that he'll have God's peace everyday for the rest of his life.

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tree-shades said...

what can i say? thanks, Joni for recording these memories. i so appreciate them....