Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec/Jan Wishlist

Ok so since I managed to buy everything I wanted in my Oct/Nov wish list, I decided to start a new one and see if I can achieve my own goals. This might be a tougher list though, coz I'm gonna be behind in christmas presents and perhaps new house bits and pieces. Oh well, goals are good for oneself.
I'm actually pretty satisfied with my previous list, it made me happy. =)

1. New pair of jeans. I've been over-wearing this ONE pair for a little too long and the zipper is finally driving me crazy. I'm not too fond of the other pairs I have anymore.

2. Good pair of casual everyday shoes/sandals. One that doesn't look too shabby for say, a meet with a client without the need to wear heels. I've already been given the money for this by my family, I just need to find a pair (that's the big challenge with shoes and jeans for me).

3. Enrol into a dance class again. I miss it so much and i'm getting wayyyyyyy too unfit.

4. NAKED palette or any other great quality eyeshadow palette. I think it's time I get a nice one for myself.

I must say the last two are secondary to this one thing I plan to get within these two months but will not list it here. If I have a chance to get that and not have enough for #3 & #4, I won't mind pushing those to Feb/March =p !

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happiness is..

receiving the last item on your Oct/Nov wishlist in the mail, thus completing every single thing on the list. Good feelings all 'round!