Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Whoaa, girl

I get irritated when I see/hear unknown-random girls so obviously hanging all over Darren Ashley. I mean, geez girls, is there any dignity left? Then they try to show off on Facebook (where I see it).
aihh...tak malu ke post a 60photo album half of which contains one boy's face.

then i wonder, is he even that close to her?does he even like her?is he jst letting her tag along?WHY?is she worth it?why her face like that?ee.


man, this pms/post-illness thing is getting quite extensive isn't it.

happy christmas, y'all

About two turtle doves

I guess a portion of me is jealous.
Like maybe I'm thinking, "Hey, how come she's getting away with that, but I was given hell for the same thing then?Not fairrrrr......"

Or "Why didn't I have the chance to take pictures together...?why does she get to leave evidence of what is all over??"

yes, whine whine whine.I know.

the real situation doesn't actually bother me; I think it's more of the comparison to my current state of status.

state of status.

go figure.

I kinda hope I meet her one day. I kinda hope I never meet her.
Yknow, in case she turns out to be the fun, smart, witty, brilliant, just-as-hot-in-real-life person she's been made out to be by them.him.her.

Coz THEN what would I do? I'd have to like her! and golly here I am trying to squeeze evidence of a reason to not like her.

haha. twisted soul.

yes, me.
the screwed up messy headed one.
the fickle

Upon the update weeks later: "oh. ok.sorry to hear that..*grin* "




Monday, December 22, 2008


4days of fever before i finally decided to See A Doctor.

shouldn't go for the party but....but ...but!! i alwayyysssssssssss miss out on the klang outings it's so unfair!

so i think i'll go.

and cough my lungs away.

k. gotta buy my contribution to the food.baibai! *cough*

EDIT: I DIDN'T GO IN THE END.....=(=(=( was so sick in bed could hardly move around.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I got fever

...and i'm lacking a few more male presents...arghhh so hard to buy presents for guysssssssss!

seriously, i do NOT want to succumb to the teeshirt/tie/socks trend that's oh-so-original. besides, the guys in my list are speeeciaallll...heh. so present aso should be different! (talking to myself here)

*cough cough fever* *back ache whine*

boo to sickness, lack-of-originality/creativity, and time constraints.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coming Soon: OIAM

Pics from One In A Million (not that I took that many)...

things that i bought this month (heehee, and maybe i'll leave out some)

joni in EYE-LASHES.

Friday, December 12, 2008


sucks to password protect, but it's important i guess.

mom made a valid point yesterday, so here we are.
and if u scroll down you will see some verbal-editing too. haha. just in case.

at this moment, there's only...three (edit: 5) of u allowed to read, i believe.

once this is all over, hopefully i can unlock my brain again.

p.s. can you imagine calling me anything else apart from "Joni"?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Most recent shots.

Why didn't I make a post for Pet's bday!?
anyway, while I wait for freetime, here are random shots from her parteeee

we played cranium..confusion and cackles galore
Free To Fall was thereee=)
Girl whom I bet is damn funny, Pui San, and....and...ok i duno why but i keep thinking his name is Maverick. how weird!=D


oh and this was last saturday. outside times square.
such a malaysian picture kan?

i had a valid non-shopping reason to go to midvalley on tues. which im sure u will find out about soon enough if u dont already know. haha *secret secrets*

but i had to take a few shots of the christmas deco la. at least for future reference on which were the best deco years...*nerd*

k, goodlord i am off to bed.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Rare spree

I went shopping yesterday with the intentions of buying Christmas presents. I ended up buying mostly stuff for me and Tammy.
But so worth it, man. (gosh I sound like a typical shopaholic) I'm not, okay!

I bought:

2 casual dresses

1 slightly occasion-able dress

1 tank top

1 top

2 pairs of shoes

1 pair jeans from Cat's Whiskers

I spent:


(and all the girls scroll up to re-read the list hahhaha)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I may need to password-protect my blog soon. SO, just in case, do let me know if you want to be in the accessible list.
(except for Pet, coz i KNOW she reads my blog. oh and arvind. and sometimes arie. anybody else?)

p.s. the picture? hehe. i like pet's candycane top, i wanna steal it, pls don't tell her heehee

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Life Lessons 101

#136: Boys leave comments on girls' blogs under Anonymous.

#136b: "To be fair", girls leave comments on boys' blogs under Anonymous.

Random piece from threadless

Monday, December 01, 2008

Life Lessons 101

#64. Boys don't get hints.

#65. Some boys don't get direct statements either.

In other news, LOookkk, my goodness Jane is so gorgeous in pretty things!!!!

Photo by Adrian Yap

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Text Message.
Blanket Bedsheet.
Corinne Bailey Rae.
St.Ives Body Moisturizer.
Empty mushroom soup bowl.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


omg, for real, people? did you put THOUGhT into it or simply say yes yes yes?

p.s. for those who are clueless, forget this.

In other news, LOOK!! guess who.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Snap snap

oh man, i REALLY need to either

a. start bringing my lil camera around with me more

b. save up for a big new camera so that i'll WANT to take it with me

c. get an incredible outside life until i forget my blog


whoever's out there, HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!=)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Filler-Post Response to Pet's

just coz i wanna post something. hee.
so in case u don't follow thepatooties, this post is in response to this.

The smile of this guy "Julian" from OTH

..makes me think of Josh Lucas's smile.
heh. the guy from Sweet Home Alabama=)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two Jo's Wed. hahahah

I was at this huge wedding on Sunday. 800 people. 80 tables in SHANGRILA hotel.

Can you guess the color theme?

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the wedding reception of couple #1: Jo&Olivia.
Apparently they exceeded the 80 tables...This is The Wedding Planner.

These were at the entrance. Actually the one below not bad hor.quite narnia-ish with the lamps and all..
there was an ice carving too but i didn't manage to snap a shot.

My role in all this: Sing oldies.
I've become a wedding singer! =D
And this is the band.

"Getting the party started" at 6:30pm..

This is The Wedded Couple doing their first dance.
Oh, i MUST show you how they made their entrance.
MUST! ahahhahaha

There were 2 latin-ballroom dance performances. The other couple's female wore a very sexy outfit but she danced too fast for me to snap.

yea. so that was sunday evening.
They pre-recorded their voices, so they were lip-syncing to that la.mmhmm.

(I decided to post up the rehearsal instead coz can see more facial expression, there's bits of the actual one at the end too)

moving on.

In utter contrast to all that, was couple#2: Jochebed& Shaun's wedding, also pink-themed,also on the same day.
I only went for the wedding ceremony.
Shaun sang the bridal procession song. aiyo cry la cry EVERYBODYYyyy cry.

Somemore Jo so darn

On a vain note, I wasn't supposed to wear this. I was gonna break the theme and wear a blueish-greenish but more garden-y dress.
Then my mom kecoh. Kena marah sial!
"the ONEEEE day that someone requests you to make their day special......"

should have just listened to my instincts. suffer wei, pakai heels in soggy ground!
Dad/mom went for the dinner, where there was...bhangra???(so i heard)
Such a gorgeous bride laaaaaaaa!!!!Ok so I didn't take pictures.Lazy. Plus there were so many Pros all over with their big cameras so we'll wait for theirs la.=)

p.s. some of the last pics stolen off facebook=p