Monday, December 01, 2008

Life Lessons 101

#64. Boys don't get hints.

#65. Some boys don't get direct statements either.

In other news, LOookkk, my goodness Jane is so gorgeous in pretty things!!!!

Photo by Adrian Yap


Anonymous said...

in all fairness
boys dont get girl's hints
and girls dont get boy's hints

its unfortunte, but its true..


joni lynne said...

boys don't hint very often. and if they are the type who DO, then i bet the girls DO know but pretend not to for whatever reason undisclosed?
haha hmm.*shrug* just dowan to lose my point ni.

Anonymous said...

and who says im a boy??

joni lynne said...

haha. the fact that i didn't say you were one but u got all defensive about it,maybe?

PEtriNa said...

Ya, boys should drop more hints.

Anonymous said... kind of DID suggest i was one in ur next blog post??
or were you talking about some other mysterious 'anonymous' person?