Tuesday, September 29, 2009

everybody needs..

...a colony of crazy friends who can entertain them seemingly endlessly. thankfully, i have some for myself, and they include this bangkok bunch who are capable of: (as far as my knowledge goes, and i know it doesn't go far enough)

- dressing up as Pippi Longstocking and Alladin's Genie..
- jell-o-ing their leader's staplers for him to discover the next day..
- sticking a 101 post-it notes alllllllll over their leader's office for him to discover the next day
- buying a freakishly-happy funky-hair-colored mannequin and sitting her in their leader's office for him to discover the next day (and naming her "Zelda splurtzsomething")
- dyeing their hair purple and blue and shaving a "hand of God" onto their little brother's head
- piercing their own and each other's ears
- taking over whole karaoke rooms to belt out such hits as "Barbie Girl" and "My Heart Will Go On" with much gusto. And all in formal attire too, no less.
- duct taping little boys to walls

and some random photos for proof....

yes. everybody needs such friends=)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

quick reality check

" 90 people get Swine Flu and the whole world wants to wear a surgical mask, 20 million people have AIDS but still nobody wants use a condom. "
-someone on twitter-

Friday, September 11, 2009

journal update for self:

1. Our downstairs is looking livable finally. good job, mom and tam.

2. Tomorrow we paint our room an ocean colour! then hopefully next week, we'll paint our closet room a sunny colour, wheeeeeeee=)

3. When choosing room wall colours, I just realized we forgot to take into account the fact that our floor is parquet-coloured. meh. too late. as they say in recent career reality shows, "make it work, hon."