Saturday, April 28, 2007

While at Suvarnabhumi Airport...

For the first time in a LONG time, I wasn't looking forward to going to Bangkok, and I'm so excited to get back to KL now. No idea why.

I feel like cheesecake now.
And running in rain.
I tried nice perfume just now at the Duty Free. mMmmMMmmm. hahhaha.
yes i'm just blurting out thoughts as usual.
I'm happy.
which might be a lil strange coz it's just been a day away since my last post which probably sounded emo. heh.sorry 'bout that. i know i made that don't-be-emo-in-blog thing, but...yea now and then can lah hor..

"By day you'll feel the what-ifs run over you
By night you'll wish you knew what you wanted and
all that you'll want to picture, to think about is if maybe I could be
all that you want all that you need, everything you hoped for
sooner or later you will see it, honey
I could be.
I could be."

Friday, April 27, 2007

"Too deep for my superficial lil mind"

or was it the other way 'round? I don't know what's gonna come out in this post. One minute I was in class, learning Aristotle, feeling superficial and not really following the lecture. Then Max popped in, remember my lecturer from the diploma course? It was good to see him after so long. *random mention*
Then I was happier for some reason. and it rained magnificently. I wanted to soak in the rain.
Then I got home after wading through floodgustingwaters, and chatted online.
And I start to wonder about the functionality of online messages. Isn't it hard to describe what's really on your mind through conversation-style typing? Sometimes you don't want to feel/sound stupid/emo/upset/toohappy/excited, so you add idiotic little things like emoticons and lols,hahas and hehes.

I don't appreciate the confusion MSN causes.
potentially can cause.
has caused.
yea whatever.

I wish you could sometimes turn psychic and read me openly.
I wish you'd ask how I am, and mean it.
I wish you had the guts to stop avoiding my point.
I wish you weren't so caught up in your heartbreak coz then maybe you'd see mine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This week I've missed..

Petrina Thong Beng Ching - i miss your listening ear. and your sympathy. like, face to face. u've been listening to my nyeks this week, THANKYOUUUUU muahhhh, but yknow, i miss our regular sleepover nights where we'll just mumble stuff to each other now and then, or get really into a particular topic and all the expressions that come with it. Even the other day when i stayed with you one night, hardly talked..
Nelvie Reuel Ng - who has been consistently making sure that I'm still alive in my house while completing my assignments, and not overdosing on stuff. But I haven't seen him in a while. ["him" instead of "you" coz I doubt he'll ever read this.]
[evil eyes pic. =D]

Reena & RT & Kanu- it's been SOOOO LONG since I saw my cousins. when we're together, we are...well..noisy, to say the least.

But most of all, I miss...

Sarah Lim Shu Yi - I miss the happyhappyrandom days like when she picked me up and we got lost in ShahAlam/Puchong..
and when we had NZN cravings to satisfy and we'd go "mMmMmMmMM" at the same time when it entered our mouths.
and munching at 3am on the kitchen floor.
and begging each other for massages coz we seem to be the only ones who can.
and just talking about ...stuff. just anything at all.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Melinda Doolittle

I don't usually get all fan-ny about artists/singers/actors. But this Melinda chick, from American Idol 6, is.
She makes me wanna do the whole DearMelindaI'mYourBiggestFan thing and put in my 2cents' worth into her mailbox together with heartshaped chocolates in shiny paper.

I love her most for her humility.
She is so humble and sweet and yet, on the stage she's a powerhouse!(apologies for the cliche)
I will probably stalk her online for a bit. I just wanna HUG and KISS her!
and LOOK! even Simon Cowell kissed her!

Oh, and i thought the following video was ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS.
Simon Cowell kena marah by an 86yr old granny?!priceless.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Adlee's wedding

It was actually a "renewal of vows" coz Adlee & Owen got married in UK 15th April '06. Nevertheless, it was a very pretty garden ceremony.This is Adlee's sister - Tiffany Fay (and that's her daughter Arianna's lil hand in the picture)Beautiful Dr.Genevieve Teoh was there too..Yea we had to take bathroom pictures.Here we are trespassing in their chalet - it was gorgeous.
But I'll let
Pet blog about that.
'Til then.

Tammy turns 13 - April 8th

Rewind to last Sunday - Easter. Did I mention it was also my sister Tamara Jayne aka Tammy's 13th birthday [woohoo!].

We celebrated all the April babies with a lil lunch.So cute, right, the way Tammy blew the candles! hahaha. L-R : Naomi, Lydia, Kevin, Tammy
More pictures from this lunch HERE
Then on Wednesday, a few of her friends came to our house, woke her up from her afternoon nap, and surprised her.I don't have the picture of her sleeping before we woke her up, it's still in Bern's cam.

Josh doing his ketuk-ketampi as punishment for losing a game. Funny fella Neavean is like...sokong-ing him. hahah!
Then we all went to the pool.
I'm pretty sure she had fun.
The End.

Or not, coz look at this! Is BERNICE JESUDASAN ACTUALLY POSING?????

Anime Girl?

Pet looks quite garang. I didn't know my ear was showing here - I keep thinking of those anime characters, the ones with the pixie ears and tails?? Couldn't find a good picture of one, so instead, here's Josie!


Thought of the day: I want to curl my hair.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Otherwise known as Ah Yaw..gave a first impression of someone who was quiet..calm..steady..sane..
occasionally humorous..
But something changed as I got to know him.
He got louder. More outspoken. Crazy, even, at times.
He provoked smiles/glances/cackles/laughter - at the oddest hours.
He eased tense atmospheres.
He wowed us with his drumming.
He's made me laugh countless times.
Just the other day, he started stamping his feet, clapping his hands and arms on his body,
then when he noticed he had an audience, he paused in his odd jig to say,
"Stomp The Yaw".

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

RM12 can buy 3 hoodies!

There's a sale of a jillion not-so-sellable clothes in Summit now. The offer was RM1.00 for 100gm of clothes, so they weigh what you wanna buy to get the price. My mom, sister and I popped in to see what we could see. The outcome? After searching through the piles, we actually managed to find a few interesting things - Mom bought about 13pieces of clothes for a total of RM21, and I got about 6pieces for RM17!!
So anyway, I thought you'd like to see some, so I in my vanity took the liberty of modeling a few for you to see.....

Candy-cane spag. = RM1.80
Sweet sky-blue hoodie = RM3.80
Brown hoodie with gold lettering = RM4.00
White hoodie = RM3.80

Mom: Oh dear, dad, now you have to take us to some nice cold place like Camerons or at least Genting so we can wear these....

I dunno what I'm gonna do with all these hoodies but..who cares! I sell to you lah..RM49.90 only, want?


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do you have a third nipple?

haha, Sam says he does. And Pet is still attracted to non-heteros.
So what do I have to expose to the world [as if you don't already think I'm weird]..?

Weird Fact #1:
I used to have sleepovers with my brother Darren and our Kuching pastor's two sons. Just the four of us on one big king-sized bed. I was about eight/nine. Darren was probably six, the other two boys were between 10-12..

Weird Fact#2:
I check out girls more than I check out guys. [Girls are usually more interesting to look at, anyway.] I note their sexiest body-parts and analyze in my head WHY it's sexy. I dunno why I do, but it's fun. Except that some people have started to notice this. erheh.

Weird Fact#3:
I don't really like air-conditioning unless I've been in the sun too long. [it's just coz I hate the way air-conditioning dries me up]

Weird Fact#4:
Sometimes I wish I had been forced to drink more milk as a kid so that I'd be taller now. Seems to have worked for Darren and Tammy..

Weird Fact#5:
If I couldn't study music, I was considering Psychology. No, really.

Weird Fact#6:
The smell of my hair has recently been my comfort zone. Like the comfort safety blankets bring..

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dear God,

Please may I have a little pocket-sized gadget that has an SD card slot and lotsa RAM so that I may instantly transfer pictures and videos taken from other cameras? Thank you in advance.


Joni and her lion

I had an equally buta dream last night. And it went on for quite a while too! Here's what I remember:

I was on a large field. And it's got those Christmas-sy trees around it. And there's this lion that can talk. I don't remember what he said, but we have this long comforting conversation (again, I don't remember why I needed 'comforting'), and here's the buta part...

I sleep in a CAGE, with the lion.

*blink blink* And i think there's a lioness nearby and I'm a lil' intimidated but not afraid coz' the lion is there. what the......?!

So then it's almost morning, and I get the feeling that I shouldn't be found in there (ya think?!)
and I ask the lion how I can get out before "they" come and see me. And he tells me to just lie quietly where I am and they won't notice.
When "they" came, I couldn't quite tell what exactly they were..

They weren't circus people, were they?
I don't think they were cleaners either..I dunno la.
And no, I haven't watched/read any fantasy movies/books or anything recently..

so weird.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My classmate

I just realized that my poll technically has only two answers.
coz the people who only look at pictures and videos, won't be reading the poll in the first place.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Joni Times: BJ rocks socks, SamOh history.

Question #1
Where was I born?
Kuching Correct!
Chiang Rai

Who wouldn't terasa if your BEST FRIEND who knew you since diaperdays,
says you're from KL. sheesh.

Question #2
I\'d rather...
do dishes
pop pimples Incorrect
kill flying cockroaches

I always say that i HATE to cook. And if you've never heard me say that, I implied it here.
i NEVER pop pimples, and
i'd kill running roaches, but flying ones are no-no.

Question #3
When I was three, I sang...
\"..with a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you..\"
\"..burunggggg kakak tuaaaaa...\"
\"..gee if I could only have my two front teeth..\"
\"..sometimes making chapatti, I do it all for Jesus, Jesus\" Correct!

If you went to Joni's MySpace, you can hear her singing this song.
At 3 yrs old:
Barney didn't exist,

Two front teeth would be a little too complicated to sing, dont u think?
Burung kakak tua wouldn't make sense.

Question #4
I don\'t have..
a hair dryer
an eyelash curler Correct!
gold earrings
hair spray

Do you think I need one, though?lol

Question #5
Once upon a time, I had a crush on...
Senior Guide Darren Teoh Incorrect
Piaree\'s friend Melissa
cucumber boy Larry Chew
Indon babe Naomi Uli

Most of you answered A, i think coz the words Senior Guide sounded glamor,maybe?
Some guys said Naomi, probably coz they liked the "Indon babe" part and hoped it was true.
but it's MELISSA. i thought think she's pretty cool.
Saying Larry is "cute" does not constitute for a "crush", Pet.

Question #6
I have never seen ________ perform live in front of me.
Black Eyed Peas
Michael Buble
Alicia Keys Correct!
Jackie Chan

This is because I was in SAE recording for NELVIE who got this question wrong too, despite me having told him that I missed her concert that same night.
If you wanted to know,
I saw BEP and Jackie Chan at the Forces of Nature concert, Buble in Bangkok.

Question #7
In my life, I have never..
driven a car
gotten a D in an exam
been pushed in a pool with all my clothes on
been in a hair-pulling catfight Correct!

I drove my dad's wagon on my 18th birthday, for fun without his knowledge.
I got my first and only D in History, Form 2.
I was pushed in the pool during another birthday.

Question #8
I am currently pursuing my..
Bachelor\'s Degree in Music Production
Bachelor\'s Degree in Audio Engineering
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music
Bachelor\'s Degree in Recording Arts Correct!

Ok so maybe this one was a lil tricky, but PaulTan did his homework and checked Myspace where the answer is written clearly.