Saturday, April 21, 2007

Melinda Doolittle

I don't usually get all fan-ny about artists/singers/actors. But this Melinda chick, from American Idol 6, is.
She makes me wanna do the whole DearMelindaI'mYourBiggestFan thing and put in my 2cents' worth into her mailbox together with heartshaped chocolates in shiny paper.

I love her most for her humility.
She is so humble and sweet and yet, on the stage she's a powerhouse!(apologies for the cliche)
I will probably stalk her online for a bit. I just wanna HUG and KISS her!
and LOOK! even Simon Cowell kissed her!

Oh, and i thought the following video was ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS.
Simon Cowell kena marah by an 86yr old granny?!priceless.

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