Sunday, April 08, 2007

Joni and her lion

I had an equally buta dream last night. And it went on for quite a while too! Here's what I remember:

I was on a large field. And it's got those Christmas-sy trees around it. And there's this lion that can talk. I don't remember what he said, but we have this long comforting conversation (again, I don't remember why I needed 'comforting'), and here's the buta part...

I sleep in a CAGE, with the lion.

*blink blink* And i think there's a lioness nearby and I'm a lil' intimidated but not afraid coz' the lion is there. what the......?!

So then it's almost morning, and I get the feeling that I shouldn't be found in there (ya think?!)
and I ask the lion how I can get out before "they" come and see me. And he tells me to just lie quietly where I am and they won't notice.
When "they" came, I couldn't quite tell what exactly they were..

They weren't circus people, were they?
I don't think they were cleaners either..I dunno la.
And no, I haven't watched/read any fantasy movies/books or anything recently..

so weird.


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

PEtriNa said...


Your life feels empty.

You get comfort from males.

There's a female around who's your competition, but you don't care coz the male dude is there to assure you that you're way better than her.

And just before morning arrive, you ask him how you can run out the house before his parents catch you 2 in bed.


Sorry. Bored. Heh.

arie said...

Actually you know what, I also thought that when you had to run away from "them" in the morning, it seemed like it was cuz you couldn't be caught in bed together.

Fair enough, seeing as he's, ynoe, a LION and you're, like, a GIRL. What would people THINK ya know???

Haha =D

joni lynne said...

-_- arie! you're NOT helping! *hands on hips*