Friday, April 27, 2007

"Too deep for my superficial lil mind"

or was it the other way 'round? I don't know what's gonna come out in this post. One minute I was in class, learning Aristotle, feeling superficial and not really following the lecture. Then Max popped in, remember my lecturer from the diploma course? It was good to see him after so long. *random mention*
Then I was happier for some reason. and it rained magnificently. I wanted to soak in the rain.
Then I got home after wading through floodgustingwaters, and chatted online.
And I start to wonder about the functionality of online messages. Isn't it hard to describe what's really on your mind through conversation-style typing? Sometimes you don't want to feel/sound stupid/emo/upset/toohappy/excited, so you add idiotic little things like emoticons and lols,hahas and hehes.

I don't appreciate the confusion MSN causes.
potentially can cause.
has caused.
yea whatever.

I wish you could sometimes turn psychic and read me openly.
I wish you'd ask how I am, and mean it.
I wish you had the guts to stop avoiding my point.
I wish you weren't so caught up in your heartbreak coz then maybe you'd see mine.

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PEtriNa said...

Don't we all wish that they would just freakin' GET IT.