Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do you have a third nipple?

haha, Sam says he does. And Pet is still attracted to non-heteros.
So what do I have to expose to the world [as if you don't already think I'm weird]..?

Weird Fact #1:
I used to have sleepovers with my brother Darren and our Kuching pastor's two sons. Just the four of us on one big king-sized bed. I was about eight/nine. Darren was probably six, the other two boys were between 10-12..

Weird Fact#2:
I check out girls more than I check out guys. [Girls are usually more interesting to look at, anyway.] I note their sexiest body-parts and analyze in my head WHY it's sexy. I dunno why I do, but it's fun. Except that some people have started to notice this. erheh.

Weird Fact#3:
I don't really like air-conditioning unless I've been in the sun too long. [it's just coz I hate the way air-conditioning dries me up]

Weird Fact#4:
Sometimes I wish I had been forced to drink more milk as a kid so that I'd be taller now. Seems to have worked for Darren and Tammy..

Weird Fact#5:
If I couldn't study music, I was considering Psychology. No, really.

Weird Fact#6:
The smell of my hair has recently been my comfort zone. Like the comfort safety blankets bring..


PEtriNa said...

Yaaaaaaaaaah, i really wish i could randomly take up Psychology subjects for fun.
I SO wanna do Human Sexuality.
But i don't think they will allow me to.

Bern_bern said...

i'd probably say that all the weird facts are in place..except for Fact#5..now..that is really weird..haha! but i do really want to hear about this whenever you have time. and Fact#6, that means your hair's long already!now..i'm weird!