Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This week I've missed..

Petrina Thong Beng Ching - i miss your listening ear. and your sympathy. like, face to face. u've been listening to my nyeks this week, THANKYOUUUUU muahhhh, but yknow, i miss our regular sleepover nights where we'll just mumble stuff to each other now and then, or get really into a particular topic and all the expressions that come with it. Even the other day when i stayed with you one night, hardly talked..
Nelvie Reuel Ng - who has been consistently making sure that I'm still alive in my house while completing my assignments, and not overdosing on stuff. But I haven't seen him in a while. ["him" instead of "you" coz I doubt he'll ever read this.]
[evil eyes pic. =D]

Reena & RT & Kanu- it's been SOOOO LONG since I saw my cousins. when we're together, we are...well..noisy, to say the least.

But most of all, I miss...

Sarah Lim Shu Yi - I miss the happyhappyrandom days like when she picked me up and we got lost in ShahAlam/Puchong..
and when we had NZN cravings to satisfy and we'd go "mMmMmMmMM" at the same time when it entered our mouths.
and munching at 3am on the kitchen floor.
and begging each other for massages coz we seem to be the only ones who can.
and just talking about ...stuff. just anything at all.


Professor Howdy said...

Nice pictures - Looks like y'all enjoy each other's company...

PEtriNa said...

Okay okay... you come back and we shall have a 3some sleepover. :)

*SarahLim* said...

so sweet! i thought i wouldn't see my name there since we've both been so busy and everything we talk about only has to do with the musical.

hehe.. sleepover soon.