Thursday, April 12, 2007


Otherwise known as Ah Yaw..gave a first impression of someone who was quiet..calm..steady..sane..
occasionally humorous..
But something changed as I got to know him.
He got louder. More outspoken. Crazy, even, at times.
He provoked smiles/glances/cackles/laughter - at the oddest hours.
He eased tense atmospheres.
He wowed us with his drumming.
He's made me laugh countless times.
Just the other day, he started stamping his feet, clapping his hands and arms on his body,
then when he noticed he had an audience, he paused in his odd jig to say,
"Stomp The Yaw".


joni lynne said...

Ok maybe that came out sounding more sentimental that i meant. just wanted to say that Yaw is a very funny fella.

that's eunice,his gf, next to him looking super sweet,btw.

someone said of these pics of him," it's just as well that eunice is studying Special Children's education..look at Yaw".
HAHAHA. [well, ok so not exactly those words, but u get the idea.] :p:D

Bern_bern said...

oohh...Joni so sentimental..hehe.. really sweet of you to feature let's wait to hear what exactly he'll say when he sees this. btw.he's also featured in (a picture of him)

joni lynne said...

the link doesnt load wor,bern..anyway, doesn't that last pic of Yaw look like a Calvin face??HAHAHAHAh!!