Saturday, June 24, 2006

Remember when we practiced like crazy in two days for the wedding anniversary dance? And the dances with the cool position shiftings and legs-up-in-the-air moves? Man, I wanna do that again! DANCE always makes me happyyyy ahahah.cheesy but hey, it's MY blog. Would have been fun if I had stayed for the Malaysian First Open Championship..but school here started at that time, so ...sigh..nevermind, one day we'll get together and do summin' just for fun. We'll get Charity to dance with us too coz she kicks ass. And of course ARIELLLEEE must come back too. We need her hips. hehehehe. Oh the good ol' days.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

SAMUEL OH,pls watch this.

It's FREAKIN' hard to impress Joni with your electric guitar skills. FREAKING hard. But I found someone who just did. Which means, all you other elec.guitarists reading should go bang your heads against the nearest ceramic object til it breaks, then chew on the broken pieces as you watch THIS .

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this lil piggy went to bangkok
this lil piggy stayed in school
this lil piggy had tom yam
this lil piggy had no naan.
this lil piggy is coming allll the wayyyy hommme.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I stall your "update!!" complains with these videos.

p.s. A special reward to the person who tells me where this post's title came from.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

5minute pink confession in Manglish.

Actually I dunno how to explain it lor. I don't know him well and I don't have a crush on him. Really, I don't. But for some straanngge reason, his voice is in my head every now and then. He has like this strong accent that is so intriguing and makes me wanna just sit and listen. damn butaa rite?! i dunno lah, but confirm i will pandai pandai find more ways to do just that. Sit and listen. ahahahahha. Pet, before u give me your *pet look*, no, it's not THaT

Random but useful informasi to the world : i am NOT a stalker and i am not lesbian. though that chick the other day.................
hahahhahha i kid i kid!!

and another thing. i heart Sarah Lim Shu Yi. And I've always tried to protect her [even when we were this small,apparently haha] AND even if sometimes to her exasperation. But yeah.

So what's my point? You, mister. Yes, YOU,you know who you are, stop grinning to yourself. Remember, I'm watching you like a hawk, so don't make any 'funny' moves. May the first one home win. hahahaha..

ok.back to work,joni.