Wednesday, June 21, 2006

SAMUEL OH,pls watch this.

It's FREAKIN' hard to impress Joni with your electric guitar skills. FREAKING hard. But I found someone who just did. Which means, all you other elec.guitarists reading should go bang your heads against the nearest ceramic object til it breaks, then chew on the broken pieces as you watch THIS .


JohnQ said...

the link does not work!

*jonified* said...

thanks for letting me know. problem has been fixed, hehe. ;)

JohnQ said...

yea he is is funny to see him play!

Jeremy said...

this guy is good.. really good.. can't see his face tho..

Samuel Oh said...

okk.. i think i just cracked the computer screen right in front of me with my head!

i loveeeee his sweep pickings and all!!

i might even use this for my wedding song! it's gonna rawk so hard man! hahhaa

how'd you find this vid anyway?

*jonified* said...

i said CERAMIC. which era is your computer from if it's made from ceramic,dei.
and of COURSE u'd use SOMEONE ELSE'S song for your wedding EVEN THOUGH u're highly capable of writing your own which would mean much more. eakaehkaehka. *ahem* sorry.

jeremy, YARR pet also complained that cannot see his face. hehe

Samuel Oh said...

yeah laa tu yeah laa tu! blekk.

but seriously, i can't write music for nuts! you've seen my work. too planetshaker-ish like you said. i like your style. more like story telling way of expressing the lyrics ey? =)

on a different note, what do you call a Singh with 3 balls?

*the answer relates to that guitar video. heh*

*jonified* said...

a singh with three balls. no wonder india is overpopulated! ahah. oops. *ahem*.
i dunno, amuse me.

Samuel Oh said...


okiee let me just tell u the full version of this.

a Singh with one ball is Bald(ball)wan Singh

with two balls, it's Balansingh (cing)

lastly (CLIMAX), a singh with three balls like the dude in the vid is.... amaSINGH (zing)!!



*jonified* said...

"The answer relates to that guitar video".



arie said...

hehe hey! so weird, clyde posted this vid up on the kac forums a month ago..and i had to pick my jaw up from underneath the table where it had dropped