Saturday, August 29, 2009

A really sad thing to hear

Heard after a church gathering:
" was the first time I felt like everybody at church accepted me just for me"

I'm sold.

Can't wait for my turn!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i found a blog draft - MRSC 2008 and the winner was...

I arrived in time for a pretty good Malay band. They won Best Performance, and deserved it la.
No shots of them though..belum warm up then..hehe
Actually it was quite worth the RM20/tix, i think..of course, we were rained with some Army of Three...

Then Amber Chia popped out and used the Microphone, and yes, it was English.

And Zainal Abidin gave an award out too..

and Suki was there to sing her This Is MMMMMeee/REallll in malay. her makeup was nice
because i dont have an slr
because my camera zoom tak cukup
because lazy to walk to front to take picture
freeeeeee to falllllll
it's a girls' banddddddddddddd