Monday, March 30, 2009

Joni Vs. Pussycat Doll?!?!

Joshua Lim made a CelebrityCounterparts album on FB,
and apparently he thinks I look like this PCD, Melody.
I dunno what to say coz I think she's a tad scary..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

F.A.B. (whether you like it or not! haha)

I found a new friend who's potentially great friend material!
heheh *waves helluu*

p.s. Did you know AnneRice has facebook?lol

on another topic, isn't this pic so "awww" inducing?=)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today Joni Learnt:

Jangan Over.

Random Story Of The Day

Today I was in the LRT people-watching as I love to do.
In front of me stood a chubby tanned Chinese man, maybe in his late thirties.
Maybe some mixed Nyonya blood thrown in.

He was balding slightly, dark circles lay underneath his bespectacled beady eyes and he had the air of someone who had someplace important to be at.

I glanced lazily at him and was about to shift my focus to someone more interesting when I heard a familiar sound.

It was a faint fast-paced rhythm coming from a mobile phone ringtone.

I snapped my head back to Mr.Thirties-maybe-Forty just as he pulled out his mobile phone.

From the corners of my eyes, I could see that the music had snapped quite a few people to his attention.

Bravely, he picked the call up just as the song went into its second line...
"You..change your a girl...changes clothes...yea, you.....P.M.........hello?"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Giant Slaying Ahead.

I will break the cycle.
If it kills my pride, so be it.

I will break the cycle.
If all you do is scoff, so be it.

I will break the cycle.
If they think it's not worth it, so be it.

I will break the cycle.
If I am to be like that lamb about to be slaughtered, so be it.

I will break the cycle.
I will.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


i am moving house in about 6 hours' time.

until further notice, i will have no internet.

text or call me if anything=)

yes, of course i will survive the time off. geez, y'all. XD

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Frustration is..

Frustration is.....really slow loading of diskette til you wonder if it's hanging.
Frustration is.....clicking "Format disk" accidently while checking if it's hanging.
Frustration is.....reading "Do not EVER remove disk while formatting!"
Frustration is.....watching the tab slowly head for the 100% mark.
Frustration disk only to read "No Files Found"
Frustration is.....realizing you don't have a copy of those precious files on another disk.
Frustration is.....when you've lost this same copy before but it was painstakingly salvaged.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Banners and heads always block my view.

This always seems to be my view when I go for anything "live".
As is pretty obvious, this time it's One In A Million Top11's live show.
I know, I know, you're all probably tired of hearing about OIAM. but deal with it coz I know the contestants this time, and i feel connected OKayyy....heh

YAY, i got a picture with the rockstar Pija!

yes, i do realize i sound/look like a fan right now, but oh well, i AM one!

Fify-bigvoicebabyface, Esther-pro, Rizu-funnyexpressions.

people say my eyes are big. hah! look at this gorgeous babe's eyes, wei.

DAYAH!!!!!!!!!!! i heart Dayah (and apparently Paul Moss does too, she's like..Teacher's Pet now) heh. she's such a lovable soul lah! u can't help loving her

Ayu the clown. funny and very down to earth=) and look at that kiutkiut pose haha

Sunday, March 01, 2009


This must have been at some awkward moment of her two minutes there.