Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Banners and heads always block my view.

This always seems to be my view when I go for anything "live".
As is pretty obvious, this time it's One In A Million Top11's live show.
I know, I know, you're all probably tired of hearing about OIAM. but deal with it coz I know the contestants this time, and i feel connected OKayyy....heh

YAY, i got a picture with the rockstar Pija!

yes, i do realize i sound/look like a fan right now, but oh well, i AM one!

Fify-bigvoicebabyface, Esther-pro, Rizu-funnyexpressions.

people say my eyes are big. hah! look at this gorgeous babe's eyes, wei.

DAYAH!!!!!!!!!!! i heart Dayah (and apparently Paul Moss does too, she's like..Teacher's Pet now) heh. she's such a lovable soul lah! u can't help loving her

Ayu the clown. funny and very down to earth=) and look at that kiutkiut pose haha

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