Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Story Of The Day

Today I was in the LRT people-watching as I love to do.
In front of me stood a chubby tanned Chinese man, maybe in his late thirties.
Maybe some mixed Nyonya blood thrown in.

He was balding slightly, dark circles lay underneath his bespectacled beady eyes and he had the air of someone who had someplace important to be at.

I glanced lazily at him and was about to shift my focus to someone more interesting when I heard a familiar sound.

It was a faint fast-paced rhythm coming from a mobile phone ringtone.

I snapped my head back to Mr.Thirties-maybe-Forty just as he pulled out his mobile phone.

From the corners of my eyes, I could see that the music had snapped quite a few people to his attention.

Bravely, he picked the call up just as the song went into its second line...
"You..change your a girl...changes clothes...yea, you.....P.M.........hello?"


PEtriNa said...


I never understand men like that.

Or Aunties who have Wassup mah nigger music as their ringtone. Damn off wei.

abstractarie said...

maybe he borrowed his daughter's cellphone. i personally think its damn funny and shows they dont give a ashit wat ppl think.
last month when lady gaga and the pcd were here for concert, to win tickets you had to get yr dad to call up the radio station and do that random rap from the song...that part where she talks about....i dunno...stunning muffins? it was hilaaaarious what good sports some of the dads were!