Thursday, March 05, 2009

Frustration is..

Frustration is.....really slow loading of diskette til you wonder if it's hanging.
Frustration is.....clicking "Format disk" accidently while checking if it's hanging.
Frustration is.....reading "Do not EVER remove disk while formatting!"
Frustration is.....watching the tab slowly head for the 100% mark.
Frustration disk only to read "No Files Found"
Frustration is.....realizing you don't have a copy of those precious files on another disk.
Frustration is.....when you've lost this same copy before but it was painstakingly salvaged.


PEtriNa said...

Ohmygoddd. What files did you lose? =/

joni lynne said...

the keyboard disk. sigh. but thank goodness i found about 3 of the "main" songs that were in there, in my laptop as audio files. the rest are lost, but obviously i jst...forget it ever existed. what u don't know can't hurt u right?