Monday, December 31, 2007

It wasn't even that scary. But I think I know now why I got a bit scared watching "I Am Legend". Coz of that ..that..thing I have that I won't can't explain other than this

Happy 2008.whoopee. already started on a semi-bad note. please be better soon. please do something good with your life for once, joni. and please, don't be such a sucker for words.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day!

Finally it came!
Ok there's gonna be a lot of pictures in this one, hold on to your knickers

My family went to Grace Klang upon Sarah's invitation to go see the costumes she made for the play..
It was a lil play about a candle bringing "light" into the lives of the other Christmas characters..
Starts off with this bunch of carollers..
Check out Sarah's costumes!! (sorry la, still getting blurry pics)
Sam Lim was the treeeee..There was a star..and an angel..

And Zoe played the Present - she did an excellent job!!The candle..
Candy CaneChristmas CardChristmas Stocking

And my favourite, the BELLS!!
This was actually what we went to watch in Grace PJ on Sunday also..'cept they didn't use the backdrop then..The backdrop.Freezemotion shot (almost like cheating)

The costume designer - Sarah Lim
Can't imagine how she made them all in time; super last minute okay!!!
One of the cute bells.
Final danceAnd now for poser shots...
The Standard Threesome pic
(we're missing one more doll Arielle who's currently having a blast touring the States)

Charles didn't want to take pic with Pet coz he felt short next to her..
He said he'd only take with me -_-
Wei Loong pimpin'More HERE
Then my family and I headed to a big family lunch. Dad's side.
Which was a little strange coz Christmas is usually spent at mom's side.
but anyhoo, we had camwhoring sessions every hour it seemed. And we left at 11pm!*pengsan*

Usually when my dad's side of the family gathers, unfamiliar faces pop up as well. Not all of the following are Most times, we cousins aren't even sure who's who apart from the immediates.
Swashini and Tammy. cousins.

Tammy & RT. cousins.

Tammy, Sanjeev, Joni. cousins
I like these 2 shots..(above, below)

RT, Swashi, Tammy. cousins.

Tammy and Hardi (?). unknown. I don't think he's related to us.We had a christmas cake - see the cutesy little tree?
Actually, to add to the Christmas Day strangeness, my uncle had catered INDIAN food...-_-
I missed having Christmassy cookies and roast and salads and potatos and all!! The only thing Christmassy was some wine.
Which OBViouSLY no one from this side of the family drinks coz they left one bottle OPEN and served some in WET glasses omggggggg...At some point, the little ones somehow managed to con the old folks into playing Monopoly with them. How they did that, I have no idea..I kept declining the million requests to wet blanket. what...i wanted to take a nap okayyy

Joni, Ashwini, RT. cousins

Reena, Tammy, Joni. cousins

A quarter of the big a few unknown species
More pictures HEREDavid Bryan - look at his gangster face ahahhaahhaha
oh. cousin.

And then it was Christmas Eve

And I went to my own church (no idea why it was a midnight service)
It was the last performance of the musical they've been putting on at various venues including Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid, Genting, etc..Actually, I went to take video of Tammy's dance (erheh)..And to be her makeup artist (it's fun!)This little girl Ivy is so cheeky, man..she was the lead dancer in the kids' dance. She totally took control of the girls' group! and she's good with the boyssssThe kids' dance. super cute. shakeshakebumbum type. girls vs. guys. the guys held candycane-canes to dance! and they all put so much HEART into it!The End.
oh, a few more pictures here.