Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Andy Yeoh takes the coat again.

Sunday evening I went to ACTS to watch their musical production "The TailorMade Man". I'm usually impressed with their productions since Christmas@thePark days and expected nothing less.(hee)
I also noted in the flier that 3 familiar bands would be performing as well, so that added to the excitement.Army of Three
Darren I'm still jealous of your hairrrr

One-ted who performed at L.I.F.E. rally. Esther Wee is their lead vocalist but she was too busy to join in the fun for this event=(

When FourLetterStory came out, I was a bit surprised coz suddenly I recognized two of its members..(okay so I've watched them play at L.I.F.E rally too, but I didn't know the guitarist and drummer then .....)

From my 'new church' - Arun (on the right)and his brother Arvind who was JOHN THOMAS' student once.
*insert amanda tay's jealous yelp*The script was pretty good - they managed to weave ancient into modern without being too confusing. (in this picture, you can see two fellow jailbirds having a danceoff) lolThe backdrop was really nice too - simple classy works of art. They even had an old sewing machine that didn't look like it was about to crumble.The freeze-motion (ahem to someone) tactic was also a great idea for Joseph's monologues, providing opportunities for more funny moments. (and in my case, slightly clearer pics!)I'm finding it hard to dish out constructive criticism actually - apart from some minor issues with continuity and the sound of the many light switches ClickClicking on/off/on being a tad too loud for "backstage"..(it was a little distracting)

But apart from that, even Joseph's kids who had only one scene did exceptionally well!..and the guard who summons Joseph to see Pharaoh - he had like TWO lines but did it so powerfully. lol!Joseph as the Viceroy of Egypt, with PharaohThe brothers bow down to JosephOh, I REALLY REALLY liked the choir-accompaniment for Army of Three's song - the one Darren screamed in. Darren's screaming has improved - it was a well-done song (can't remember title,sorry) They also used video clips here and there (which is what Sarah and I were planning to do for our musical too)

This is the baker's dream being animated (the baker was played by Agnel - can you see the resemblance?hahah) For those who don't already know, Agnel is Altered Frequency's drummer and Andy Yeoh is their lead vocalist.I found these two characters rather fascinating for some reason. The guy was intriguing especially with the makeup on.*deleted explanation in case noseyparkers from somewheresomewhere are insulted*
Mrs.Potiphar (above,right) did a great job - I'm glad she didn't stunt the moment in the relationship-scenes as you'd find in most other church productions..

But hands down, Most Fascinating Cast was JACK LING! His accent and stance was so consistent - even my dramateacher mom thought he'd actually been brought up overseas and wasn't putting on an accent, he was that natural! lolI also really liked the dance finale - it wasn't typical. They had a clockwork-ish sequence going on with four groups taking turns at different genres. And the dance routines were pretty cool too, I actually don't quite know how to describe it..Now for some posing pics!Pet and Albert.

RACHEL THONG (choreographer) did an AWESOME JOB!(of course she did - she's my best friend Pet's of course she's pretty+hot+talented!)
With Darren from Army of Three and his emo-eyes.=D
JACK LING! actually when he opens his eyes wide, quite scary huge..lolAnd of course, Andy Yeoh the star of the show (again..every year he's the star ehehhe..but he's GOOD at it, that's why!)Oh, remember how I bumped into my old friend MunWai n.k.a. Eason in RoseRoseILoveYou?
This time I bumped into his best friend Jason Khong whom I also haven't seen since I was..12?!He doesn't remember me.pfft.
I have a feeling it's selective memory because my then-bestfriend Leena had the hugest freaky crush on him and maybe he mentally associated her freakiness with me somehow. lol.
(more pics here.)
Yup. I think that about wraps The TailorMade Man.

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