Thursday, December 06, 2007

Joni is proud of Bus Company.

Because in case you haven't already heard, they KICKED BUTT on Sunday at the Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition!
And I mean, really really. They played two original songs, and each transition, bridge, and ending was just whroooarrr.

They were TIGHT.

And of course, the fact that Sam's Shaun's song one of their songs WON the GRAND PRIZE just makes me even prouder of them!!

And this is my invitation to you to Bus Company's next competition..

Event: Battle of the Bands (BOB) finals

When: 14th Dec, 5pm onwards
Where: Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Tickets: FREE
Who Matters: BUS COMPANY
& 21st Jumpstreet (because Zac Row is their lead guitarist)
The Ooh Factor: They were among the 8 chosen out of 300 bands.

DO come yell scream shout support jump cry givesoulto BUS COMPANY on the 14th!!!!

(ya Erra Fazira performed at MRSC too)
Free To Fall also performed - Jane's song was a finalist=) I like Jane. Both of them. heh.

HERE'S TO THE NEXT UPCOMiNG BATTLE! *woohooooclapclapscream*


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