Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sparkly lights (and pat-able shmites) made me happiest today.

So it began at about 2:30pm. I woke up to mom asking me to come try brownies from work.
Slowly woke up. Played my Christmas playlist.

Then I tried the brownies. *swt*

and wasted the time away coz i didn't really wanna do my work (which seems to be the general every other day feeling)
At about 6.30 mom asked if I wanted to go have dinner outside. No friends where got fun, so I said dowan lah. Then she said watch movie. mmmm. Alvin? the mood to watch that wasn't there.

Then I thought, Ok what the heck, why don't I just go to GT and watch the show at least. It was the only invitation I had to anything fun. (THANK YOU LEVI!!)
Definitely beat sitting at home doing NOTHING.
So we rushed to get ready, waited for dad to come home, and were off to GTPJ to watch their

Actually the only things that caught my attention when he was describing it was the "synths-emulating-orchestra". And the later mention of there being "LOTSA lights". hee.
Anyway, with some location-errors, we got to GT and were greeted by manymanymanymany people in the foyer."Please allow the older people and parents with babies to enter first, thankyou"
Gah. I want to SEEeee Levi play can or notttttttt. ish. stupid announcer.
So we were ush-ed (by the crowd) into some godforsaken seats in the middle where my lil head had to strain out as giraffey as it could go to see things.
Then they FINALLY started and everybody went jakun and OooOooh-ed at the pretty lights that filled the entire hall like something celestial.So I suck at taking dark pictures okayyyyy, just imagine lah.
The effect was kinda like when you stick your little glow-in-the-dark stars all over your room wall and switch off the lights suddenly. Except that these stars move around and twinkle and spread out.

Next up were the glittery dancers. Seriously, every part of them was glittery even their faces. Managed to snap them twirling! *miracle*
But ya I was quite far from the stage lor.

They were accompanied by the Hidden Choir (not real name) who were in a farrr dark corner.Then they brought out the standard cutesy kids in animal costumes..
awwwwBasically the event was based around the concept of the WHOLE WIDE UNIVERSE and outer space being so far far away and how creation began and how vast everything is compared to us earthlings.Which I dunno had what kaitan with these radio-active lights all of a sudden, but I liked them anyway..lolSo after about half an hour of pretty lights and happy singing by Hidden Choir and oh yea Liang solo'd but I was too far away to snap him.
Remember Liang from MRSC and BOB?
I think he's got a nice voice. Plus he is a R.E.A.L.L.Y good MC. Really. So where was I? Oh right. The sermon. The pastor started describing how vast our outer space is and showed us slides of the various galaxies, vital statistics inclusive. How far they were, how large they were, how long it would take to get there.. the works.

He didn't stop though. Kinda went on and on about the vastness. I guess the point was that it was all "indescribable". It was pretty mindblowing, really, if not for his jarring voice.(sound engineer's peeves)
After a while, I felt like I was back in Form 2 science.see?

BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I did enjoy the entire thing. The lights were highly satisfactory! (sucks that I didn't know how to snap them)And of course, I got to see LEVIIIIIiiii who was playing "percussions" and did a very good job !!(*pat pat*)
Btw, Levi, my American friend thinks you're good-looking and that you look much older than you are.
You want his email?

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