Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This is my hangout corner in my room. It's very comfortable. You'll love it too, really. This is where thoughts pour out, ideas flow, backs rest, emotions run free, creativity oozes, minds take ease. And the orange lights are the best. I love orange lights.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Faking It.
[19th Sept 2004]
I'm losing a litle bit more each day
All I hold close to me seems to slipping away
I'm looking for clarity
Would someone please be real
Do you really know me?
I only wanna hear sincerity
Don't ask me how I am
If you don't really wanna know the answer, or don't really care
Wipe away that look from your face
Coz' I don't need your symphathy
Reeking with pretense
Stop faking it
Go cite your poetry somewhere else
I'd rather not have been high at all
Then have you smash me down [down]
Can't tell where the truth ends and where the lies begin
Why say what you don't feel?
Would someone please be real
Pounding reverberations resound through my head
[and my veins through my skin]
Wishing you would take back everything that you said

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Michael Buble It's Time concert...

...was awesome. I don't care that my classmates laugh at me for liking him, he's good and just proved it even more. He can sing LIVE. I mean, it was like listening to the, better! His character is funny,normal,very human,easy-going,fun. Not a stuffed up long-sleeved shirt who thinks he's all that. He fell down attempting to slide across the floor! Awwww..but he was cool about it. He also did Maroon5 and MJ to spice things up a lil. ehhahehha.. all round, he did justice to my 1000baht. *grin*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In terms of sevens

Sarah,can't believe you tagged me!

Seven things I wanna do before I die:
1. Nashville, Dead Sea, Scandinavia
2. Produce a really good album
3. Direct a full stage show.
4. MARRY. akakakakaka..
5. Train to sing&dance at the same time without losing breath.
6. Watch Beyonce Live.
7. Design and make a line of clothing for me and me to wear.

Seven things I could do now:
1. Exercise
2. Get someone to pick me up and take me out
3. Look for a dance school and enroll.
4. Write 5 songs to make up for the lack this year.
5. Buy my tickets to M'sia.
6. Enter Thai talent competition where people said I would "CONFIRM" win.
7. Kiss him. haha..

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. Chad Michael Murray
2. Josh Hartnett
3. Adam Brody [good grief,Pet, Sarah, we need new celebrities!akkakaa]
4. Matt Thiessen
5. Beyonce
6. Michael Buble
7. Nick Teh. aekhekahekhekhaekeahk

Seven often repeated words/phrases/sounds:
1. What?
2. Riiiiighhhhtt
3. Seriously
4. akakakakka
5. Shush u
6. huh?
7. Oh darn it.

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. smile
2. hands
3. jawbone
4. hair.pls don't load it with gunk.
5. eyes
6. cleanliness.
7. strength. *chuckle*

Seven people to tag:
1. Rishaad
2. Chernie
3. Titus
4. DD
5. Pet,have u done it?
6. V-lyn
7. Bernice

Thursday, October 13, 2005


He's really sweet. But I only see the best after he downs a few. I wanna see more. It's intriguing.
It's a tough decision to be JONI here.Coz I can't be my normal crazy self. No one would get it or they'd misunderstand or they'd just plain freak out. I mean, if Tasha were to really show herself, goodness knows what their reactions would be. *think* hm. Maybe I shall find out soon enough. Lol. It was amazing tonight. She really believes I have BIG things coming up for me. And she's willing to support me. I'm in awe of it all. The Big Boss Upstairs really knows my heart. It's comforting, to say the least. Thanks.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Closet Bone

Closet Bone.
Trapped inside a cage, though it's invisible
Don't know who's up on you, really close
Kinda in the room , but not quite there
Call up Johnny Brown 'coz he's seemingly fine

And now you're crying
You're not really sure exactly why
But you've been trying
To get your life back again
Dying to keep what's left of you
You know you're better off without
more of Johnny in your mind

Told you that he'd treat you just right
That he'd take away your fears and kiss you goodnight
Called him everytime you felt the world on your back
But Johnny cannot be your life-source
No, he shouldn't be walkin' in your head
'Coz he is causing you to fade and..

Cry, you're not really sure exactly why
But try, to get your life back again
Dying to keep what's left of you
You know you're better off without
More of Johnny in your mind

He might seem relieving,sort of fly,
Convincingly amazing, satisfying
But reality says he is..
Deluding, deceiving, all in all an excavator
Bottom line's you need to leave him
Or let him silently kill you whole
You'll find the strength to live without
Johnny's con-elysium.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


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