Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In terms of sevens

Sarah,can't believe you tagged me!

Seven things I wanna do before I die:
1. Nashville, Dead Sea, Scandinavia
2. Produce a really good album
3. Direct a full stage show.
4. MARRY. akakakakaka..
5. Train to sing&dance at the same time without losing breath.
6. Watch Beyonce Live.
7. Design and make a line of clothing for me and me to wear.

Seven things I could do now:
1. Exercise
2. Get someone to pick me up and take me out
3. Look for a dance school and enroll.
4. Write 5 songs to make up for the lack this year.
5. Buy my tickets to M'sia.
6. Enter Thai talent competition where people said I would "CONFIRM" win.
7. Kiss him. haha..

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. Chad Michael Murray
2. Josh Hartnett
3. Adam Brody [good grief,Pet, Sarah, we need new celebrities!akkakaa]
4. Matt Thiessen
5. Beyonce
6. Michael Buble
7. Nick Teh. aekhekahekhekhaekeahk

Seven often repeated words/phrases/sounds:
1. What?
2. Riiiiighhhhtt
3. Seriously
4. akakakakka
5. Shush u
6. huh?
7. Oh darn it.

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. smile
2. hands
3. jawbone
4. hair.pls don't load it with gunk.
5. eyes
6. cleanliness.
7. strength. *chuckle*

Seven people to tag:
1. Rishaad
2. Chernie
3. Titus
4. DD
5. Pet,have u done it?
6. V-lyn
7. Bernice

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*Sarah* said...

yorr joni... ppl tag u AGES ago .. NOW oni you do .. haha..