Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fraser's Hill over a weekend

I've delayed soooooo many events' photos it's not even cool anymore. So having JUST sent these Fraser's photos to mom, I figured ah what gives, it's already late enough to make me skip waking up in the morning. haha

So here I am about to upload some photos from my family's recent weekend to Fraser's Hill. It's gonna be a photo post. Because I am lazy at 5am. Oh and there will be quite a few cute photos of my grandma haha!

Everyone who's been to Fraser's remembers horse riding, archery, and a swimming pool.
That's because that's all there is to it, pretty much. =D

We started with the horsies. Poor sad and very very oldddd fellows.

I got distracted. Thought this corner of the horse ranch (if you could call it a ranch) was so...surreal. I dunno, I guess it just looks like something outta the movies. But of course, no wide angle lense = sigh.

My dad, having fun. 

This Fraser's trip had one life-changing moment: I discovered that I have Japanese roots. 
My cute grandma quietly mentioned this fact on the way up the hills. It's the first time any of us are hearing it, including her daughter (my mom)! 
Ok, I guess some background would be necessary: My grandma was adopted into an Indian family when she was a baby so she doesn't know who her biological parents are. But apparently at some point of her younger life, an uncle showed her a photo of a Japanese lady in a saree and told her that the lady was her mother and that she was Japanese. The photo 'mysteriously' disappears after that. I dunno! The whole thing sounds like there's more to it but I guess we'll need another weekend off somewhere to discover more juicy details. 

 Poor old horse was falling asleep while we were trying to take photos. quite funny!

heehee cute right!!!! such a classic grandparent pose!

And the parents turn...

Darren was still driving up at this point, I think. So we were hanging around while waiting for him. 

So this was supposed to be a very relaxed, no agenda weekend. Basically we just bummed around and chilled. wow. a lot of words describing the same thing haha.
And of course one must have a yummy barbeque for such a weekend. Here I am with my barbeque face on.

Barbeque photos by dad =)

Marshmallows and smores by the fire we built, mmhmmmm!

Oh we did discover this ridiculously interesting and homey smokehouse. Ye Olde Smokehouse screams ENGLAND and I loveeddd it. Gotta stay there if there's another trip up. The manager is a nice friendly guy, talked us into trying the scones and we ended up having a full on tea there which was, well, either fabulous or we were just that hungry. I'm not quite sure but I know we ALL really enjoyed the food.

I took a bucketful of photos of the place but I shall not bore you with all of them. Besides, the website has photos that are true to the real thing - the "Ashley" room is the one we had a peek into. I could holiday there for sure. 

 haha! classic expression!!

I dunno why but I have a strange liking for books like these, full on photos most of them usually random. I have one called Heads. It has photos of heads. Ok that sounds creepier than it is.  
I have no idea what these are for and what the publishers are thinking, but I do love them. 

John having some manly time in the manly study. 

Yea definitely could do this again for a very quiet holiday.

The pink sky as we headed back down to civilization.