Thursday, September 09, 2010

Bizarre dreams are back!

last night i was kidnapped by movie-like white ppl. It was so unfair. THEY looked like they were IN a movie, but the rest of us looked like we were in a regular dream. Their movements and visuals and colours and all looked movie-edited. we looked plain.

Anyhoo, they shoved me in a tiny tiny L-shaped room with cupboards of useless books and a small window. I thought "hmm this is quite silly, why shove me in a place that only i can fit, then how they gonna force me out later?" But whatdyaknow, a fat white dude managed to fit in that tiny space although i can't recall what he came in for.
When he left, I looked out and saw Darren Ashley - i wanted to call out but was afraid they'd hear me from behind the door for sure. so all i could do was watch him walk away. From across the road, to the next the next the next shop. yea it was depressing.

Next scene: suddenly i'm with two others (not sure if it was Jane Chong & Darren Ashley) and we're in a house that seems to belong to someone familiar. We're under some kind of house arrest by the same people, and we manage to get permission to go upstairs to drink water. We go into a room where we attempt to lock the doors intending to climb out to the roof. *whispered conversation blah blah that i cant remember* but then either jane or i end up walking back downstairs to "decoy" so they wouldnt suspect. and there was something about the ankles of our jeans getting wet.

i duno. wth right?