Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wishlist Oct/Nov

This is mainly for myself to remember, but if you feel the sudden urge to provide the funds for the following luxuries, my eternal friendship (and some cookies from my secret hideout) will be my thank you for your kindness. =)

1. Lauren Luke full brushes set - she has been such an inspiration to my makeup learning process, I feel it's only right to give back to her. Plus, she's so genuine and I feel her self-picked brushes are gonna be worth it. It'll be a great addition to my work brushes.
Price: RM150

2. A few nail polishes and imported makeup products at bargain prices. My nail polish collection is actually pretty small if I threw out the ones I hate (texture-wise, drying-ability wise and etc etc.). I keep them so I don't feel so lousy about my collection. haha. Shopping at this online store would greatly make my happy, I believe. Especially since it's all at bargain prices, and I do want to try out the makeup products that I can't buy off the shelves here in Malaysia. Spending RM150 would get me free shipping. It'll be easy to hit that and get loads of goodies I'll be happy with.
Price: RM150

3. A good curling iron that has multi barrel sizes and a straightener , all in one would be awesome. I haven't found any such thing so feel free to recommend! Will most likely have to buy it online as well so shipping might cost a bit.
Budget: RM250?RM300?

4. Okay maybe I should stop. This is after all just Oct/Nov list. haha. hmm.