Friday, June 26, 2009

My day just gets better=D=D

From Facebook:

22. What's your opinion on sexual minorities (gay, bi, tran)?
i think it's fixable


ok i dunno if this is as funny to u, coz im picturing the person who said it and her hilarious face that would have accompanied it.

Twisted ways for a better day

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Strange Life of Joni (retitled: A draft I started but never finished and now will never know what it was about)

"Have you ever been hit with truths so pregnant with significance that you get lost in.."

well doesn't this sound like it was about to be interesting. gah. i shouldn't stop halfway and think thrice about these "moments" lah. now i'll never remember what it was about.

If you have any information, (this draft was typed on the 20th of April 09), do contact me=)
"From Up in the Sky"

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"i told you so"

i have six items in the checkout cart. i stare at them without clicking the Confirm button, her voice playing in my head.
a definite crescendo. gradually getting louder.
'til it's all i hear above the sound of the cars on the highway an hour later.
'til it's all i hear above the voices that sound like me.
and then just as I feel my frown turning into that lump-in-the-throat,
the voice changes
and then all i hear is me,
myself and i.
blistering midnoon car ride at 107km/hr.
and then she can't ''tell me so''
coz "she" is now me.

p.s. gosh i do ramble on.