Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"i told you so"

i have six items in the checkout cart. i stare at them without clicking the Confirm button, her voice playing in my head.
a definite crescendo. gradually getting louder.
'til it's all i hear above the sound of the cars on the highway an hour later.
'til it's all i hear above the voices that sound like me.
and then just as I feel my frown turning into that lump-in-the-throat,
the voice changes
and then all i hear is me,
myself and i.
blistering midnoon car ride at 107km/hr.
and then she can't ''tell me so''
coz "she" is now me.

p.s. gosh i do ramble on.

1 comment:

RVL said...

yes u do...

but its a good ramble