Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec/Jan Wishlist

Ok so since I managed to buy everything I wanted in my Oct/Nov wish list, I decided to start a new one and see if I can achieve my own goals. This might be a tougher list though, coz I'm gonna be behind in christmas presents and perhaps new house bits and pieces. Oh well, goals are good for oneself.
I'm actually pretty satisfied with my previous list, it made me happy. =)

1. New pair of jeans. I've been over-wearing this ONE pair for a little too long and the zipper is finally driving me crazy. I'm not too fond of the other pairs I have anymore.

2. Good pair of casual everyday shoes/sandals. One that doesn't look too shabby for say, a meet with a client without the need to wear heels. I've already been given the money for this by my family, I just need to find a pair (that's the big challenge with shoes and jeans for me).

3. Enrol into a dance class again. I miss it so much and i'm getting wayyyyyyy too unfit.

4. NAKED palette or any other great quality eyeshadow palette. I think it's time I get a nice one for myself.

I must say the last two are secondary to this one thing I plan to get within these two months but will not list it here. If I have a chance to get that and not have enough for #3 & #4, I won't mind pushing those to Feb/March =p !

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happiness is..

receiving the last item on your Oct/Nov wishlist in the mail, thus completing every single thing on the list. Good feelings all 'round!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wishlist Oct/Nov

This is mainly for myself to remember, but if you feel the sudden urge to provide the funds for the following luxuries, my eternal friendship (and some cookies from my secret hideout) will be my thank you for your kindness. =)

1. Lauren Luke full brushes set - she has been such an inspiration to my makeup learning process, I feel it's only right to give back to her. Plus, she's so genuine and I feel her self-picked brushes are gonna be worth it. It'll be a great addition to my work brushes.
Price: RM150

2. A few nail polishes and imported makeup products at bargain prices. My nail polish collection is actually pretty small if I threw out the ones I hate (texture-wise, drying-ability wise and etc etc.). I keep them so I don't feel so lousy about my collection. haha. Shopping at this online store would greatly make my happy, I believe. Especially since it's all at bargain prices, and I do want to try out the makeup products that I can't buy off the shelves here in Malaysia. Spending RM150 would get me free shipping. It'll be easy to hit that and get loads of goodies I'll be happy with.
Price: RM150

3. A good curling iron that has multi barrel sizes and a straightener , all in one would be awesome. I haven't found any such thing so feel free to recommend! Will most likely have to buy it online as well so shipping might cost a bit.
Budget: RM250?RM300?

4. Okay maybe I should stop. This is after all just Oct/Nov list. haha. hmm.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding cover video

forgot to add this cover to the blog, for future reference on what I've done with my life. lol.
I certainly don't do the song justice so let's concentrate on the colourful narcissistic visuals instead! hahahahha

Thank you Darren, Jane and Mahesh for joining me!! Extra thanks to Jane for recording some of the shots, you the man!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Superbass by Nicki Minaj (my superandom cover haha!)

hope you have a good laugh, at the very least, haha! =D

Sunday, August 07, 2011

the one about the steamer

So I've been steaming my clothes these past two months and wondering why everytime I do that, there's this smell of burning electronics. Being your regular female, I naturally assumed it was the chemical contents of the dodgy Subang water that I was using to fill the steamer with. I switched to filtered water but still that same smell. Nothing from the steamer looked like it was having any problems and nothing from the multiplug extension it was connected to.

Ah but that was where the mistake lay. Yesterday I looked at the OTHER multiplug extension that the aforementioned multiplug extension is connected to. Just to say hello, y'know. And I see this:

yikes. yeah. indeed.

this is the plug of the first multiplug extension. which has now melted into the second extension, therefore, I can't throw out the first unless I try prying it out of the second. fabulous.

it seems that the smell would only come when I use the steamer though. there's no smell when I use my phone charger, keyboard, printer so..........can I just not use the steamer with this one and leave the rest be?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Rolling In The Deep - Adele (my cover video)

it was sort of requested. it's a really tough song. all her songs are. she's fabulous. i did my best. =)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally upgraded + photo tab too! whee

So I finally upgraded this blog to a (now-considered-old) new Blogger template. I dunno what held me back all this while. Anyhoo, I also decided to add some tabs in too. For starters, a photo tab! yayyy. Enjoiiiii =)

Friday, April 29, 2011

My 10cents summary of the royalwedding if you're not already sick of those two words.

1. Sister aka Maid-of-Honour = dress material TWO THUMBS UP! so gorgeously flowy and seamless and perfectly cut.

2. The dress - the lace and interesting gill-like train was nice. simple design, I suppose overall it was much prettier than Princess Di's wedding dress which was....well. yea.

3. You'd think the Prince could afford Yun Nam or even a hair piece! ANYTHING would have been better!

4. Hosts - would anyone you ask ever say that they DIDN'T think the dress was "beautifullll"?? aren't there more interesting questions to ask?-_-

5. back to the dress - the boring tiara, the tudung veil, the hairstyle, even the makeup: =/ i didn't like it. Her smudge-y eyeliner gives me the impression that it's hiding something.

6. The Abbey - wow. the view from behind the couple, straight out of a poster. the high ceilings, I imagine it must be breathtaking to stand in that hallway. The trees down the aisle, haha nice alternative for a garden wedding.

7. The crowd - I'm in awe of the support the people have for the monarchy.

8. Camilla and Charles look as old as the Queen herself.

9. Thumbs up to the LadyGaga-wannabe with her crazy hat seated behind the queen.

10. Overall, not my idea of an ideal fairytale wedding, but it did have elements that anyone would like, I suppose.

Now we can all get back to our fabulous lives and dream of snatching our own 29yr old balding Prince.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Traffic polish

Stuck in 6pm traffic today, I managed to clean off old nail polish, paint this new colour on, and clean everything up AND take a few photos including this one - all at ONE traffic light! Subang is a horrid place to be in. But I did get my nails done so time well spent anyway, I'd say, haha!

I love this colour! Got it from a store in Sunway Pyramid. Bottle says Looc ('cool' spelt backwards I guess? doesn't come close to Pink's "if you're too school for cool" though).

It's from Korea so I figure the quality should be good, I'll find out soon enough but so far it looks good! Looking for more Asian alternatives to OPI. =)


And here are some of the mani's I did between Mar - Apr 2011. If you've seen them on my FB album, this is just a backup diary for myself =)

A fun gradient for my friend Belinda..

Cherry blossom trees to match my cheong-sam for a wedding I attended..
Simple wedding-dinner manicure for my sis Tammy who was MC-ing..

Another simple bridal mani done as a tester..
Halftone nails done for my band's gig early this month! =)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding & bridal manicure

My definition of the difference between wedding and bridal manicure:
Wedding manicures are more for us who are attending someone's wedding soon.
Bridal manicures are, obviously, for the bride and her bridesmaids.

That said, this first one is a bridal manicure that I did for my sister who was the Maid of Honour at her best friend's wedding last week at Cameron Highlands.

And this, was what I did for myself for that same wedding. (I wasn't a bridesmaid so this would be a "wedding manicure") =p
Wore a darrkkkkk forest green shimmer dress with it. Originally wanted the nails to look like lace but when I curved it round the nail, it looked less lace-y. will keep it straight across next time. quite happy with it anyway =)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011