Friday, April 22, 2011

Traffic polish

Stuck in 6pm traffic today, I managed to clean off old nail polish, paint this new colour on, and clean everything up AND take a few photos including this one - all at ONE traffic light! Subang is a horrid place to be in. But I did get my nails done so time well spent anyway, I'd say, haha!

I love this colour! Got it from a store in Sunway Pyramid. Bottle says Looc ('cool' spelt backwards I guess? doesn't come close to Pink's "if you're too school for cool" though).

It's from Korea so I figure the quality should be good, I'll find out soon enough but so far it looks good! Looking for more Asian alternatives to OPI. =)


And here are some of the mani's I did between Mar - Apr 2011. If you've seen them on my FB album, this is just a backup diary for myself =)

A fun gradient for my friend Belinda..

Cherry blossom trees to match my cheong-sam for a wedding I attended..
Simple wedding-dinner manicure for my sis Tammy who was MC-ing..

Another simple bridal mani done as a tester..
Halftone nails done for my band's gig early this month! =)


Anonymous said...

Aww i like the cherry blossoms mani!
Couldn't seems to find nail brush in stores like sasa :(what u used to draw the cherry blossom trees btw?

joni lynne said...

I bought some nail brushes when I was traveling overseas but if you are really interested I can order some from my supplier and post them to you if you send my your details. =)

I generally interchange between nail brushes and toothpicks for manis like the cherry blossoms =)