Friday, April 29, 2011

My 10cents summary of the royalwedding if you're not already sick of those two words.

1. Sister aka Maid-of-Honour = dress material TWO THUMBS UP! so gorgeously flowy and seamless and perfectly cut.

2. The dress - the lace and interesting gill-like train was nice. simple design, I suppose overall it was much prettier than Princess Di's wedding dress which was....well. yea.

3. You'd think the Prince could afford Yun Nam or even a hair piece! ANYTHING would have been better!

4. Hosts - would anyone you ask ever say that they DIDN'T think the dress was "beautifullll"?? aren't there more interesting questions to ask?-_-

5. back to the dress - the boring tiara, the tudung veil, the hairstyle, even the makeup: =/ i didn't like it. Her smudge-y eyeliner gives me the impression that it's hiding something.

6. The Abbey - wow. the view from behind the couple, straight out of a poster. the high ceilings, I imagine it must be breathtaking to stand in that hallway. The trees down the aisle, haha nice alternative for a garden wedding.

7. The crowd - I'm in awe of the support the people have for the monarchy.

8. Camilla and Charles look as old as the Queen herself.

9. Thumbs up to the LadyGaga-wannabe with her crazy hat seated behind the queen.

10. Overall, not my idea of an ideal fairytale wedding, but it did have elements that anyone would like, I suppose.

Now we can all get back to our fabulous lives and dream of snatching our own 29yr old balding Prince.

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