Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I Need. (or "Because I AM a Girl")

..but for this month, will ask you if you have extras, samples or ones you don't want. hahah. i want to try new stuff without buying the bigbig bottles!

1. Face Moisturizer. (Current brand: L'oreal WhitePerfect Day Cream SPF15)
It works ok on me, but I'm sure there are better ones out there.

2. I want to know if anyone has used this and if it's worth the ridiculous pricetag, AND if it's mafan to use.SMELLY-NO-MORE! ahhahha

3. I know you girls have had impulse buys for nailpolish and never touched the color after the first try. Gimme, I want your craziest, jang-est colors!=D

4. Simple SIMPLE healthy recipes that preferably don't involve cooking.

5. What inexpensive backpacks have lasted you YEARS? I need a strong one for my laptop, carrying it around in my big handbag is just NOT working out. I've torn about Three bags already due to the weight. Suggestions anyone?

If you read this far, WOW, THANKIU I LUBYIU, eternal friendship i promise.

If you reply, come collect your complimentary hug.

If you reply something USEFUL, Come collect a cookie!!=)
xoxo, know you do.

I'm feeling a tibbytad better, thank you=)

Monday, February 16, 2009

under the headlights

I'm enjoying band practices more these days!! weeeeee

Firstly, we are currently practicing a new original song and I'm liking how it's going so far=)

It's funny, though. We first decided we were gonna try to be a more "happyhappyjoy" band, not so emo.
But as we chose our cover songs and now as we write new stuff...

It's All Eeeeemmoooo-ish!! LOL

We're starting to say that we're living in denial. heee

But so far, it's been fun lah, these guys are such a bunch of quirky,geeky,crazy,bi-curious,outrageouslyhomo, indian-loving, roti-eating boys who are so m.a.l.a.y.s.i.a.n.!! i love them la

DESPITE THE FACT that they put me through a lot of male jokes! =D

Anyhoo, I thought I'd give a teaser of the new song called Signal. nak?

Whatchu think? Boleh jadi?

Also, I thought I'd post up pictures of my faves in the Top12 finalists in OIAM for fun, not that you're following the series anyway..=D

1. This is "Nine", or Shrek as we call him coz he played the role during an ice-breaker.
He's got a nice toned voice, i suka!! plus he's lovable la, got that easygoing rocker look and style=)

2. Second fave is Fifi, whose voice is like wow in real life. Such a tiny and young girl but the suara power. and she's determined AND really sweet too=)
3. third fave of mine is Pija, but i got no picture with her!!=(
her powerful voice is more the rock/rnb strong-character type, as opposed to Fifi who's more of the sweet rnb ballad type.

I now wish I had done quite a few more things while i was there..bummer. oh well..
oh and i was having some fun with this photo editing about two weeks back but keep forgetting to post the results !!hehehe


and my personal favorite................
k lah, this was a post for the sake of an update.

p.s. i didnt know ppl wish each other happy valentine's day. ha. ha.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Irregardless" is an oxymoron

I have no soul...if I have to re-order three times coz you're not paying full attention.
I have no soul...if you try to take me out to dinner and movies knowing I hate the norm.
I have no soul...if you ask me to marry you through a text message.
I have no soul...if you don't help me kill a flying cockroach.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


...This Tee Just Coz.

Even if it's guy-sized.

But I'm not allowed to buy clothes this month.

So, you buy for me, k? haha



"I want to be elastic
I want to go out of my way for you
I'm elastic for you
(But) where is the line with you?"

bejungles and boggles!!

Adeline is freaking amazing.

She found this picture online:

And she recreated the whole thing from scratch (it's what she studies)...and this was her outcome:

Sunday, February 01, 2009

7 (friggin)Steps to...

1. Decide to dye your old dark-blonde hair back to basics the "healthy" way of henna.
1.1. Use the wrong henna. The kick-ass b.l.a.c.k. one that makes you look like you're wearing a wig.

2. Make your friend try to re-dye the kick-ass b.l.a.c.k to a gorgeous dark shade of ruby red that doesn't shoe because your hair's been henna'd kau-kau black.

2.1. Stress out a lil.

3. Wait 2 weeks before you decide to buy more bleach and attempt to re-do the whole mistake.
Bleach hair with hi-bleach for 4 hours to get it to a yucky orangeyellowblond. Leave no time for "error fixing".

3.1. Do the above on a Saturday before you have to stand onstage the next day.To ensure the "no time" rule.

4. Buy raspberry semi-permanent dye because the shop you drove to specifically for dyes had no other colors in permanent. Make sure it's 50% off. Also, buy a different commercial color (Bright Auburn) to mix match.

5. Mix & match for a whole day with the colors til your head hurts and you feel giddy from all the smells and reactions.

6. Be disappointed when it turns out looking mediocre.

7. Wait 2 days before you decide "ok this is NOT working, sista". And re-dye the entire section to....