Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I Need. (or "Because I AM a Girl")

..but for this month, will ask you if you have extras, samples or ones you don't want. hahah. i want to try new stuff without buying the bigbig bottles!

1. Face Moisturizer. (Current brand: L'oreal WhitePerfect Day Cream SPF15)
It works ok on me, but I'm sure there are better ones out there.

2. I want to know if anyone has used this and if it's worth the ridiculous pricetag, AND if it's mafan to use.SMELLY-NO-MORE! ahhahha

3. I know you girls have had impulse buys for nailpolish and never touched the color after the first try. Gimme, I want your craziest, jang-est colors!=D

4. Simple SIMPLE healthy recipes that preferably don't involve cooking.

5. What inexpensive backpacks have lasted you YEARS? I need a strong one for my laptop, carrying it around in my big handbag is just NOT working out. I've torn about Three bags already due to the weight. Suggestions anyone?

If you read this far, WOW, THANKIU I LUBYIU, eternal friendship i promise.

If you reply, come collect your complimentary hug.

If you reply something USEFUL, Come collect a cookie!!=)
xoxo, know you do.

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joni lynne said...

alah, everybody leave replies on the facebook version, this comment looks so lonely.