Monday, February 16, 2009

under the headlights

I'm enjoying band practices more these days!! weeeeee

Firstly, we are currently practicing a new original song and I'm liking how it's going so far=)

It's funny, though. We first decided we were gonna try to be a more "happyhappyjoy" band, not so emo.
But as we chose our cover songs and now as we write new stuff...

It's All Eeeeemmoooo-ish!! LOL

We're starting to say that we're living in denial. heee

But so far, it's been fun lah, these guys are such a bunch of quirky,geeky,crazy,bi-curious,outrageouslyhomo, indian-loving, roti-eating boys who are so m.a.l.a.y.s.i.a.n.!! i love them la

DESPITE THE FACT that they put me through a lot of male jokes! =D

Anyhoo, I thought I'd give a teaser of the new song called Signal. nak?

Whatchu think? Boleh jadi?

Also, I thought I'd post up pictures of my faves in the Top12 finalists in OIAM for fun, not that you're following the series anyway..=D

1. This is "Nine", or Shrek as we call him coz he played the role during an ice-breaker.
He's got a nice toned voice, i suka!! plus he's lovable la, got that easygoing rocker look and style=)

2. Second fave is Fifi, whose voice is like wow in real life. Such a tiny and young girl but the suara power. and she's determined AND really sweet too=)
3. third fave of mine is Pija, but i got no picture with her!!=(
her powerful voice is more the rock/rnb strong-character type, as opposed to Fifi who's more of the sweet rnb ballad type.

I now wish I had done quite a few more things while i was there..bummer. oh well..
oh and i was having some fun with this photo editing about two weeks back but keep forgetting to post the results !!hehehe


and my personal favorite................
k lah, this was a post for the sake of an update.

p.s. i didnt know ppl wish each other happy valentine's day. ha. ha.


Joshua said...

Cool! You used the Pet sketch... haha... it's arguably my best work EVAH!

Joshua said...

Cool! You used the Pet sketch... haha... it's arguably my best work EVAH!

joni lynne said...

hahah i thought it was quite funny but i dont think she appreciates it much....